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  1. Flintstone

    I got banned

    As long as your not in it for the tech Zenkert! 😂 Hope it pays off for you 🤞
  2. That’s a good enough reason as any. Probably the best actually. Haskell is a functional language and is critical to aviation, military, communications etc as it is verifiable mathematically and offers high assurance of what a program should be doing. If you want a high degree of certainty, then Cardano will be best placed for that market sector. Im a big fan of Cardano..... still haven’t bought any though
  3. approaching .45 on Bitstamp. Feeling .50 tonight
  4. @Moonraker What you don’t like about the Zerpening is on topic. The good info is off topic and as a result - spam. @ecent and @meatgrinder are big spammers of the Zerpening!
  5. And the next generation will be creating GIF's of us losing our secret keys!!
  6. My Avocados were out in our last storm here in the UK, which demolished my fence. I too had brown tips on the leaves and a couple early big leaves were wilting and dull, but the wind tore those off and now they are springing to life again!
  7. I’d like to go to a Comic-Con! There’ll be loads of anime fans etc. People dressed up. Get yourself a Pikachu hat and you’ll fit right in 😉
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