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  1. Flintstone

    New, Interactive XRP-Sending Tutorial

    @devnullprod Yes, that would be great! I would also like to see a bit more security advice about connecting your local machine with the outside world. I’ve only used (struggled with ) RippleAPI in offline mode which you kindly helped me out with before, but I’m wary of connecting my airgapped Pi to the internet. I’m guessing my fear is not needed as much as I think it is as I use online banking etc on my PC, without worry, but the world of crypto wallets and key-pairs begins with secrets and security.
  2. I’m no techie so not really sure. I’m guessing it’s like Toast wallet etc but native to the phone and not an app or web wallet. @KarmaCoverage or @Warbler should be able to provide some insight.
  3. @Julian_Williams It’s important to remember that a wallet is just an interface that is used to access your key-pair. A good example is your email account. You can access it from home, work, a mobile device and on many different browsers - as long as you have the password.
  4. Which makes it a liability. XRP would be universal.
  5. Flintstone


    You have good taste my friend!
  6. @KarmaCoverage Fair do's, you've got some knowledge in that noggin(head) of yours
  7. @KarmaCoverage https://www.gov.uk/government/news/hm-land-registry-to-explore-the-benefits-of-blockchain
  8. Flintstone


    Have a read through their news page. It’s my most trusted exchange. https://www.bitstamp.net/news/ Edit: They are supposedly quite strict regarding AML/KYC. You’ll find plenty of disgruntled opinions regarding this, but that is what is needed for this market to move forward and if you have nothing to hide, then all should be fine 😉
  9. Flintstone


    I've heard Bitstamp make you jump through hoops (I.D). on withdrwals. Not sure if only over a certain amount. Transfers of 10K and over into your bank account and HMRC are notified (not sure on this, never had 10k ) Profit over £11,700 and you need to file a tax return.
  10. Flintstone

    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    @King34Maine +999 Couldn't resist!
  11. That thought has crossed my mind. How much would you pay for that piece of positive influence?
  12. I'm not so sure that would be the reason as the SEC commission clarified that tokens sold in a functioning network are not considered securities.
  13. I'd be worried if Ripple wasn't offering XRP and good salaries to employ the best in the business!
  14. @lucky I think the discrepancy is supposedly down to Ripple's recruiter's and not that of the engineer.
  15. What ever software you choose, make sure you generate your keys in an offline state and for extra security, on a device that will never re-connect to the internet. I like to use Bithomp Tools offline. It’s a nice user interface with many tools like multi-sign and escrow if needed. Hardware - always try and buy direct from the manufacturer. Nano seems to be the go to hardware wallet.