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  1. https://www.yahoo.com/now/sec-must-surrender-hinman-email-003323079.html
  2. Julian, I may be in a distinct minority here, but we're over the 50 yard line in this process and driving to the goal line in enemy territory. I would prefer that the courts here in the USA provide us with legal clarity, direction, justification, and a clear legal path going forward. If this legal process takes another year or so to work its way though the court system here I am OK with it (although I do not like the process one bit). I am unsure whether a "settlement" will give us what we want. TK
  3. I'll bet my ex-wife's life on two household names.
  4. Perhaps Ripple's' technology is more cost-effective than they initially thought! https://ethereumworldnews.com/ripple-western-union-still-testing-technology-open-deal/
  5. So, reading between the lines here, is there any marketing opportunity for Ripple?
  6. The last time an old buddy of mine introduced me to a hot new date I married her and I still haven't forgiven him for it. I love this marriage between Ripple and MoneyGram nevertheless. I keep thinking how much more impactful this announcement may have been to the price back in December 2017.
  7. At the very least it's an indication that these 14 major financial firms understand the utility of crypto. If Ripple has the best product, then...?4U...why not buy what Ripple is selling? Is the price of entry more expensive that spending millions to develop your own crypto-currency with a limited application? I wonder, why re-invent the wheel? Agreed, it makes zero sense. Haven't many of these banks mentioned in the article also been mentioned as potential Ripple partners in the past? https://blokt.com/news/major-banks-join-hands-to-develop-cryptocurrency-for-overseas-money-transfers
  8. Lots of competition?: https://blokt.com/news/major-banks-join-hands-to-develop-cryptocurrency-for-overseas-money-transfers
  9. This. Not worried, but concerned. In the USA we've been looking at near-zero real interest rates for many years. This hurts us poor ol' elderly folk (prudent individual fiat-holding entities ) trying to shift assets from stock funds into less risky interest-bearing accounts. Our government has expanded the money supply and increased budget deficits to the point where something has to give. Near-zero interest rates along with the aforementioned keep the economy on life support until someone in Congress comes up with the courage to initiate common sense reductions to deficit spending. (Captain Obvious just told me I'd be waiting a long time for that to happen). It still feels like crypto winter to me, but the volumes are indeed encouraging. Looking forward! Thanks Hodor for the breath of fresh air.
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