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  1. 69GTOjudge

    Hi! I'm Bob

    This thread is the: Thanks all!
  2. If this had been around in the 60's I wouldn't have needed a black light.
  3. Thanks much. I'm tuned in to Zig Ziglars' old radio station WII-FM (What's In It - For Me) and I'm wondering what if any impact this news will have on us. A year and a half ago this would have been moon-rocket-Lambo-worthy but now I am not so sure.
  4. Is it possible to be both highly intelligent and blithely ignorant?
  5. Swift Director of Communication Alfred E. Neuman responds to Ripple's threat:
  6. ...and if you mortgaged your home to buy Bitcoin at $20,000 you can deduct your interest payments.
  7. "Euro Exim Bank plans to start using XRP in cross-border payments in the first quarter of this year. It hopes to not only be the first bank to use XRP and xRapid in cross-border payments, but to help other banks take the same path." Sounds good to me
  8. ...when XRP hits $20.00 we can meet up...my private island or yours.
  9. One vote for a $20.00 meetup. I'll buy every Zerper in attendance a beverage of their choice. Promise.
  10. ...so, in the video, they make it appear as though, faster than you can say "Voila!" the money is in the till. Yes, I would like to know what the actual cost of that three beer transaction was also.
  11. The Wallet of Satoshi: https://bitcoinist.com/grandma-friendly-bitcoin-lightning-network-wallet-launches-in-australia/ I have more questions than answers regarding this announcement. It looks quick, but how much does it cost a poor slop to buy three beers?
  12. At $5.89 I'm buying another...hmmm....
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