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  1. This. Not worried, but concerned. In the USA we've been looking at near-zero real interest rates for many years. This hurts us poor ol' elderly folk (prudent individual fiat-holding entities ) trying to shift assets from stock funds into less risky interest-bearing accounts. Our government has expanded the money supply and increased budget deficits to the point where something has to give. Near-zero interest rates along with the aforementioned keep the economy on life support until someone in Congress comes up with the courage to initiate common sense reductions to deficit spending. (Captain Obvious just told me I'd be waiting a long time for that to happen). It still feels like crypto winter to me, but the volumes are indeed encouraging. Looking forward! Thanks Hodor for the breath of fresh air.
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    This thread is the: Thanks all!
  3. If this had been around in the 60's I wouldn't have needed a black light.
  4. Thanks much. I'm tuned in to Zig Ziglars' old radio station WII-FM (What's In It - For Me) and I'm wondering what if any impact this news will have on us. A year and a half ago this would have been moon-rocket-Lambo-worthy but now I am not so sure.
  5. Is it possible to be both highly intelligent and blithely ignorant?
  6. Swift Director of Communication Alfred E. Neuman responds to Ripple's threat:
  7. ...and if you mortgaged your home to buy Bitcoin at $20,000 you can deduct your interest payments.
  8. "Euro Exim Bank plans to start using XRP in cross-border payments in the first quarter of this year. It hopes to not only be the first bank to use XRP and xRapid in cross-border payments, but to help other banks take the same path." Sounds good to me
  9. ...when XRP hits $20.00 we can meet up...my private island or yours.
  10. One vote for a $20.00 meetup. I'll buy every Zerper in attendance a beverage of their choice. Promise.
  11. ...so, in the video, they make it appear as though, faster than you can say "Voila!" the money is in the till. Yes, I would like to know what the actual cost of that three beer transaction was also.
  12. The Wallet of Satoshi: https://bitcoinist.com/grandma-friendly-bitcoin-lightning-network-wallet-launches-in-australia/ I have more questions than answers regarding this announcement. It looks quick, but how much does it cost a poor slop to buy three beers?
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