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  1. Here's a thought - I worked out if I live another 50 years, and iphones are going up by about $100 a year, currently at $1000, i will need $171500 just to keep myself in a new iphone every year from now until death.
  2. it's to minimise wallet bloat, as addresses take up lots of space especially when they aren't used Think of it as a rental on a ripple address. In future there may be a way to deactivate a wallet and get at that XRP20 but not right now. Exchanges allow full withdrawal (kraken does certainly)
  3. https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-escrows-55-billion-xrp-for-supply-predictability/ Says they will automatically release 1Bn of the 55 on the first day of the month from months 0 to 54. Could be later today.
  4. CB currently makes more in fees by having XRP off their service: Scenario 1 - present Fees on card payments to buy ETH (standard card fee) Fees on transferring out ETH to another exchange (0.1% i think) Scenario 2 - CB adds XRP Fees on card payments to buy XRP (standard card fee) My op: the use cases with banks will bring and derive value, not retail adoption on CB etc
  5. Yeah and back again for the non HODLers who withdraw to fiat via XRP>shapeshift>CB. transaction fee every stage
  6. Also users of coinbase might be confused as to being unable to cash out their entire balance (have to leave 20XRP in their cloud wallet). Coinbase will need to undertake a mahoosive re-education programme of their [largely inexperienced] clientele. Unless they can have once central wallet and somehow deviate between accounts as an account in their own wallet, but then, that would prevent you from exporting your wallet as it would be part of a bigger "coinbase wide" wallet. My op: CB will never support Ripple, and as a result CB/GDAX will go the way of Betamax, and the likes of Gatehub etc will become the new champions. Tech industry changes so fast!
  7. Exactly - but in the wider context, whilst adding to coinbase will sure encourage a ton of retail investors and probably inflate the price somewhat, the big gains will be as the result of the banking/FI integration and adoption. My investment rationale (personally) was based on that, more than just it becoming the new main crypto for retail investement. <- my opinion only.
  8. Absolutely - I'm not a FUDster, only facts and balanced with caveats as appropriate!
  9. They're all a bit vague - 6.1 point 1, not sure if XRP is classed as a work token? The validation "mining but not mining" is done by the trusted nodes.
  10. To be fair these are terms that could easily be amended as required! Hence why I made the point that these are the current terms bold in my first reply. I'm a believer - en route to the moon. Just being balanced. You could argue BTC violates 2.4 third line
  11. https://blog.gdax.com/gdax-digital-asset-framework-c875988acce8 https://www.gdax.com/static/digital-asset-framework-2017-11.pdf 4th line in point 1.1 on the PDF for example
  12. Essentially CB is a nice friendly expensive front end for GDAX, same company.
  13. What about that XRP violates the current terms on GDAX, that's a fact. Not a FUDster, just being balanced.
  14. OK, anything that has internet connectivity and generates a private key in theory could be compromised. Eventually i'll be getting a ledger nano
  15. Hi all OK so I know HODL is hold on for dear life, googled that one. But what are the other terms used on this site? What's a zerpening? and what does FUD stand for? I've picked up the context from the board contents, but would there please be any chance of a glossary on terms and what they stand for? Thank you from a newbie!
  16. Hi all Is Toast wallet a cold wallet? Doesn't appear many on here use it, they all use Gatehub which I think is a "hot" wallet (as in the opposite). As a big scheme HODLer I would like to hold them secure and safe somewhere Do we know how secure Toast is? Like, if it's all a scam could Toast secretly be sending themselves my private keys and plunder it at any time? Thanks!
  17. Just done it now - thanks! all kraken XRP now safely in toast To the moon!
  18. Thank you, what about if I decide to get a ledger nano and move from toast to there? I understand the rationale about activation and the cost of the wallet, but is it possible to "deactivate" a wallet and close it entirely with a full withdrawal? It sounds silly but I can't find the answer anywhere on the ripple site either about how to fully withdraw. Thanks again for the help btw
  19. Hi all Given the minimum 20 limitation on addresses, is it possible to send all my kraken held XRP to my already activated toast wallet? Or do I have to send all but 20 to be left in kraken ad infinitum? I have searched and can't find an answer on the forum anywhere? Thanks! To the moon!
  20. Thank you, it's all done now, just going to increase my holding with cash via the usual channels (coinbase -> LTC -> shapeshift to XRP -> kraken where they are held) when the dips happen. Is that a fairly effective route to use? shapeshift.io has always worked but my most recent one took some time to complete - about 2 hours.
  21. MooseInTime


    Hello from the UK! I joined the rocket to the moon a bit late, gradually increasing my XRP holding by liquidating "inferior" cryptos with the most recent addition just now. Been a long tine lurker and finally joined the chat! I'm a devils advocate sort of person, not a FUDster (I am invested in XRP after all) but I do believe logical, sensible counter argument often brings out the best in a debate... so please don't take offence if I question things a little - I'm on the rocket, strapped in, but I might question the pilot's ability from time to time! AMA!
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