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  1. To prove it's fake here I made the same thing but with sh*tcoin where Gdax is
  2. Completely fake The second one that purports to be a GDAX transaction is this https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/transactions/E538BA34377F064004639BF29644D626C3D079BC4E4935DAB2A27E0A0C732CAC The screen clarity changes slightly when flicking tabs, hiding the inspect-element changes
  3. I would consider moving away from gatehub to a different wallet at some point Their companies house filing history (UK legislative body that regulates companies) makes for uncomfortable reading IMO https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/09311138/filing-history Their accounts are published there, the worry is in their latest accounts they report zero provision for liabilities. The two directors reside in Slovenia and the USA, not the UK.
  4. Coinbase account to buy LTC (verif needed - this will be a long wait) Shapeshift.io to convert to XRP (no verif needed) Store in toast wallet (no verif needed)
  5. As a veteran forex trader this is the best advice I have heard all day. Never underestimate the power of taking that break. You can get a vegas mindset if you stare at it for too long.
  6. Over what time scale? It's current 2.01 USD, which is about the same as this time yesterday
  7. XRP will become a standard on a widely adopted network. Inter-bank IOUs will not be something the public could invest in anyway. Those IOUs will be valued in XRP even if they aren't actual XRP.
  8. True, but XRP is comparatively stable right now and isn't subject to fluctuations because of things like Brexit, war, etc.
  9. Precisely, if Brad wants to be a billionnaire, he'd sell now surely? 11B XRP = 22B USD, surely more than enough for him to retire for life on an island somewhere?
  10. if Brad etc start to cash in big amounts into dollars, they will deflate the price of the rest of their hodlings. It's in their interest to turn their XRP into a viable currency then they can buy their lambos with their XRP directly. As can we. Everyone's a winner.
  11. Then its in their interest to make a success of XRP. I'm not sure why you're concerned?
  12. I just posted a reply in a new thread https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/15369-why-xrp-will-still-go-up-even-if-banks-dont-use-it-they-just-use-the-ripple-ledger/
  13. You don't need verification to convert to XRP using shapeshift. You can send directly to a toast wallet or similar too, no verification needed for those. The only verification you need to pass is that for coinbase to buy LTC (shapeshift convert LTC to XRP quicker than they do ETH or BTC to XRP)
  14. Hi all TL;DR: banks may issue their own IOUs on the Ripple Ledger but they will still need something valuable to the public to back them up (XRP) I know this topic is done to death but it does keep coming up so here's my two cents worth. I'm being concise, AMA. We know Ripple Labs offer two product sets essentially, XRP tokens, and the Ripple Ledger. We all know a lot of FUDsters saying Ripple will only be interested in big-banging the Ledger, and XRP will be useless once banks make their own IOUs on the ledger effectively nullifying the need for XRP. However, this s
  15. 610.... horsepower (lambo huracan) To the moon!!
  16. https://bithomp.com/explorer/rLHzPsX6oXkzU2qL12kHCH8G8cnZv1rBJh Did some digging to try and find out why Kraken let me withdraw all my XRP not all-minus-20 They do indeed have one huge wallet spread across all accounts as per the link above 500m total
  17. In the meantime you can use shapeshift.io for any trading pair, just with a fee/spread attached.
  18. If they drop a full billion, would that tank the price of XRP? I guess the co-announcement of a big partner might counteract some of the price loss. Or, inversely, the drop would counter the good news price rise
  19. https://www.investopedia.com/university/charts/charts6.asp Lots of info there too - the section on flags and pennants
  20. For those interested by the way, there's a lot of detail on technical analysis (it's tailored to forex but the same principles apply to any instrument) on https://www.babypips.com/
  21. Speaking as someone who has traded for a long time in forex, but not much in crypto, I would say this is almost a textbook "flag" formation and is indeed angled bullish. That's my number two driver for investing in XRP, number one being the underlying technology and bank interest.
  22. I have wondered the same, I use it. Eventually i'll move to Ledger Nano S, but to be truly secure you'd have to create a new wallet on the ledger and move all but 20XRP from toast to the ledger as a transaction (losing the 20XRP in toast). You can import the private key from toast to ledger, but that doesn't rule out toast taking the private key back through the internet at some point in the past.
  23. True, reminder it's $40 now, but if we hit the moon and it's $1000/XRP, that's 20K held That being said most of us will be in our lambos and happy to rescind that "small change"
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