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  1. The most fake thing I think about it (bearing in mind I found the image) is that it has XLM on there
  2. .. I continue to suggest that CB is not the main driver for XRP's success - banks are by the way... Just thought it worth sharing
  3. Those not holding XRP tokens, but using CFD/Spread betting tools like eToro for XRP contracts, may be forced to sell if they get a margin call. Trading crypto contracts with leverage is playing with fire right now. Hopefully they have enough loose equity to ride out the dips
  4. Behind some FUDsters is sometimes a motive to try and drop the price of a successful asset to obtain it cheaper. His first post here is negative, methinks he missed the dip and is trying to re-dip to get on the boat Maybe I'm a cynic
  5. All CB will do is add a short term boost to the price. The moon will come off the back on bank adoption. However, I do recall them tweeting "no news here" to the BCash rumours when they leaked in advance of the real go live - is this history repeating itself (leak, CB denial, listing asset a week later)?
  6. This is a standard correction, I'm hodling and suggest any long-term investors to do the same. Buy if you have the additional capital to risk. Otherwise do as I am doing, and troll back at the FUDfest on twitter.
  7. eToro is a CFD platform that doesn't actually let you own the XRP, just trade on contracts for future price. You need to buy XRP tokens from an exchange such as bitstamp and then deposit those in your ledger. When it comes to selling, simply send them from the ledger nano to bitstamp and sell for fiat.
  8. weirdly it works with my opera browser but not chrome - i get a broken site in chrome
  9. Brian retweeted this article https://medium.com/@twobitidiot/95-crypto-theses-for-2018-ca7b74f8abcf It's not exactly kind to XRP Don't get your hopes up! We don't need no stinking CB
  10. I honestly think don't get your hopes up for it ever being on Coinbase. Don't get your hopes up for Coinbase being a thing in 2 years time. I wouldn't invest in them.
  11. From their report in Q3 “Our Cuallix announcement was a clear indication of significant progress, but it’s just the beginning. In the fourth quarter, we’ll announce additional xRapid partnerships, an innovative approach to using XRP to further Ripple Network adoption, and new ways XRP will drive broad development of the digital asset space.” Did we find these out in Q4? I'm guessing not?
  12. If it doesn't have the 20 xrp minimum then it's a shared wallet and you don't own the secret. I'm talking about personal wallets.
  13. Let's say you have a wallet and believe the secret might be compromised However at this stage no XRP has been stolen With BTC etc you can create a new account and move it all to that, and ditch the compromised account. But with the minimum 20 requirement, in this instance, you couldn't do that with all your XRP. You'd have to incur a new 20 loss on the new wallet too. What would one do in such circumstances? Can you change your secret offline? Not happened just hypothetical
  14. I see 2.40 as a resistance, which it's broken but only just
  15. I did forex so much, I became obsessed with the world news trying to predict which currencies would rise and fall. It didn't improve my trading performance.
  16. Which was debated thereafter. Why I highlighted current terms as these terms could also change.
  17. Read the whole thread, specifically my posts shortly after that one when others asked for links and I provided them.
  18. It's probably for velocity traders to try and get a quick rise for scalping purposes on spread betting platforms. I've commented on the youtube video that it's fake.
  19. no as the screen is a bit more blurry for the first one, one of the clues that it's two vids stitched together. I could try and squint but it's not worth it. The context is wrong for ripple anyway, the green text is reserved
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