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  1. Whilst we're all HODLing through this storm, I've been thinking of some fun quick analogies for the classic "Banks will use Ripple but not XRP" FUD suitable for quick easy to understand responses. So far the best I can think of is: if xCurrent [no XRP] is like a box of chicken nuggets, xRapid is like a box of chicken nuggets with BBQ sauce for dipping [XRP] that costs you less than the nuggets alone.
  2. Automated trades working against us here, people are holding off from buying until a definite floor is established. I can see people moving their huge orders downwards on Kraken It's like a stalemate
  3. Ah ok, what's wrong with shapeshift though? You don't have to rely on BTC or ETH with that, you can use LTC from coinbase which is faster. I ruled out gatehub altogether based on the complaints in this forum.
  4. Gatehub is having lots of issues right now, i'd consider Toast
  5. You can't send your XRP from wherever they are now to bitstamp without using the RCL.
  6. bithomp shows you the transaction history associated with a wallet though right? Surely the revenue services could check bithomp and find out the details anyway
  7. you cannot send XRP to another address without the private key or its hash. the RCL won't accept transactions without the hashed key. HTH
  8. Leveraged trading in crypto is so risky - one margin call and you're out. HODL real coins - hope you can get some back!
  9. Yeah the intention is to stop people from creating wallets unnecessarily, grinding the network to a halt, think of it as a charge for the wallet If you want to move your whole 21XRP to another wallet provider, most wallets allow you to export and import your wallet secret, which will keep the address but change from toast to some other wallet software
  10. Not presently. Ripple requires min 20XRP in each wallet, you can transfer 1 XRP given your balance. The 20 XRP limit may be lowered, but not any time soon.
  11. I thought the TSM (trusted security module) in the ledger prevented this sort of attack by verifying it's not been tampered with on every use?
  12. From the article: "Sure you do, if you get a 1% interest on your savings, but lose 3% due to inflation, who is the winner now? Hint: It is not you." This guy is implying the government/banksters/mafia/new world order etc are stealing from citizens via inflation... does he not understand basic economics? Low quality FUD, not even credible. Possible SJW agenda
  13. Moment of silence for the OP who sold at less than the price has rebounded to as of now
  14. At the end he says he thinks XRP on CB in "6 months plus"
  15. Banks won't convert their XRP holdings to fiat, OR hodl. They'll gamble their XRP on the stock market like they do now with our debt.
  16. I would expect the dev teams at CB to be working on lots of different currencies at the same time, and only management know which one will be released when. IF REAL (very likely a photoshop) that could be one of many sets of currency the devs are working with... but may not be the next set to be released
  17. True it is more option-y, although I'm simplifying it without Calls and Puts Just Calls.
  18. Yes... that's right.... Keep buying my Fantasy Futures mwuhahahar
  19. Yeah I feel I set the amount too high maybe, I could be in for a fantasy fubaring here
  20. I should do a range of contract values, like a real CBOE lool
  21. Just to add in a real futures situation you could buy and sell your contracts on the market, each contract will have a notional value itself as it could be worth a fortune (or worth a negative loss) but we won't do fantasy derivatives because it gets too complicated
  22. Right, lots of seriousness recently on the boards. Here's something lighthearted for a change. I'm opening the first ever official MooseInTime Fantasy Futures for January Hypothesis: I will sell you the buyer all my XRP at the price of $10 per XRP at the end of January (midnight 1st Feb). Crucially, both me and you HAVE to make the deal at the end of the month. (If >10 you are getting a bargain, if <10 I am as I can take your fiat and buy even more) For the newbies, this is basically the equivalent of a call options contract you'd get on Wall Street, but of course here it's only for fun. Votes are anonymous above - only you will know if you'd take it or leave the deal The real question is - would you take it (i.e. you think that it's a good deal, $10 per XRP at end of Jan)... or leave it (that's a bad deal, it won't be worth more than $10 by end of Jan). Fantasy Futures offer closes end of Sunday so make a choice! I could win, or you could win... we shall revisit the findings at the end of the Month
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