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  1. I mean yeah Moneygram is a multi billion dollar corporation but sure Tone of Wall Street says it's a scam so
  2. Not that many with his crashing BTCs
  3. At least Popper is dignified in defeat after that back and forth with Brad
  4. He's just a vocal XRP fudster, he's been repeatedly saying the classic "no FIs will be interested in XRP" over the last weeks Boom! haha
  5. I really think Moneygram's due dil is better than Tone's independent research effort
  6. I'm not making drama. Hodling through as I said What I'm saying is that one person quits and they become a quitter. Lay off the quitters, they are losing their initial investment unlike you guys who are just experiencing a dip in long term profit
  7. The CEO and "manager" are Slovenian nationals, and attorney is in the USA according to companies house. Not sure how often they are in the London HQ https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/09311138/officers
  8. XRP is closer to #4 than #2 on CMC Do we think CMC will mark DMM.com as an outlier too after Thurs?
  9. Lots of newbies to XRP are actually losing capital here, myself included Seen a lot of vitriol from the forum old-timers who bought in at $0.25 along the lines of "you'll be sorry" etc I do wonder whether, if the price dropped to $0.12 and they lost half their initial investment if they would be a bit more understanding I'm hodling through this, just asking people to spare a thought for those who bought at $3.50. They were the ones who got it to that price. The radio silence from the ripple team on Twitter is starting to unnerve me rn
  10. I knew John McAfee was on this forum somewhere!
  11. http://fortune.com/2018/01/09/cryptocurrency-ripple-xrp-lawsuit/ What's the deal with this, hive mind? Sounds like Chris signed a deal for 5 billion XRP for 1 cent, and now R3 want to cash in?
  12. RT1 could mean Ripple To ..... and 1 being the moon because every electrician knows earth is zero Ripple to the moon Illuminati confirmed
  13. few more dots: https://www.ecb.europa.eu/pub/conferences/html/20171130_ECB-BdI_digital_transformation_of_the_retail_payments_ecosystem.en.html
  14. That's right here Someone said in the latest posts at the end of the thread that they spoke to Unicredit and name dropped xRapid, which they gave a nod to.
  15. Unicredit is one of the signatories of the above doc. Do i recall someone saying unicredit are a partner of ripple on this forum recently? Dots, so many dots. Will they connect lol
  16. This european document (europa.eu) mentions RT1 in payment technology https://www.ecb.europa.eu/paym/initiatives/shared/docs/3b5e6-ami-pay-item-4.3-letter-from-german-banks-on-instant-payments-common-standards-processes-interfaces.pdf We might be in for big news!!
  17. The only clues would be in the Memos section The transaction contains the following memos: Type:client (decoded hex) Format:rt1.4.3-13-g582a3a5 (decoded hex) rt1.4.3 could be a software version
  18. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/09083955 Think Gatehub had the same issue Worrying that these exchanges don't spend their time complying with the laws of the lands they base themselves in
  19. then you get ones like this and just think "not even worth the effort"
  20. 1K USD worth at 0.24 is about 10K USD worth right now if you were only just getting involved tho right
  21. and SWIFT is like eating raw potato
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