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  1. So, how does that cause a problem with the rest of the market? Those remaining Ts are worth nothing, 0.00001 XRP probably. I'm not familiar with the connection with BTC. I understand Tether started on Bitfinex, that's about it.
  2. This is my understanding of the problem with tether: Let this be all the tethers T T T T T T T T T T T And each has a dollar in a bank account at Tether Towers which is allocated to each tether, exchangeable on demand T T T T T T T T T T T $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ However they create more tethers without the $ to back up T T T T T T T T T T T T T T $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ ? ? ? This is where we are now. Their auditor has walked away from making sure there's a $ for every T. So the first to withdraw their tethers get their dollars, leaving T T T ? ? ? Those r
  3. CD-R isn't considered archive-safe, google Disc Rot for more information If you want to store data long term, magnetic tape is better - remember the rule of thumb, data doesn't exist unless it's stored in at least 3 places concurrently.
  4. I would say it would always be a good idea to make a paper wallet in parallel with the Ledger, for this exact reason, and store it in a safe deposit box or other "ultra-secure" environment. You only need your private and public keys to get at your XRP - if the ledger fails, just download any wallet and type in the private and public keys on the paper wallet. Toast and Rippex both have this functionality.
  5. If you have an active wallet I believe so yeah
  6. Reliable source on social media posted this. Don't think anyone has put the full list up here yet, but we know XRP is a C
  7. XLM and XRP handle the tx fees differently. XRP destroys the tx fee reducing supply XLM redistributes the fees across all wallets as "inflation" increasing the balance slightly. Hence "free XLM".
  8. Stellar focus a lot more of their "marketing" (the official tweets etc) on price of the lumens. Ripple, being a proper business, are playing the long game. If you read Stellar's twitter feed, it really makes you feel like it's a scam... even their logo is a moon rocket
  9. Cards on the table, XRP is my second largest hodling but the one I am most passionate about I hold more CND, which I bought for $0.07 I also have XLM (hedging) and TRX in smaller hodls.
  10. the "coffee" bit is not Brad's words, but him quoting the WSJ in the tweet However, the Starbucks article is very interesting. The question is though - if you could pay for your $5 latte with 2.5 zerps right now, would you? or would you prefer to pay fiat and HODL them 2.5 zerps given what they may be worth in the future...
  11. What do we think? $0.09 premium for the KRW exchanges now... Surely time for CMC to "un-asterisk" them... Would that increase our volume on their site?
  12. Just a point about big banks developing their own blockchain... that's a little like when big Microsoft developed their own search engine (MSN Search, later Bing) to rival that little startup Google. And we know how that turned out.
  13. That's true, but you may have more luck here https://forum.ripple.com/
  14. I'm sure @Hodor covered the savings of XRP in one of his recent excellent articles. Not sure how much research the OP has done
  15. The prices don't seem to be fluctuating much on their site, which rings alarm bells. Also Faster Payment by bank transfer has zero fraud protection My recommended route would be UK Debit card -> Coinbase LTC* -> Shapeshift.io or Changelly -> XRP into wallet. *LTC has lowest fees and fastest transaction of the coins on coinbase at the moment
  16. On the continual CB rumours, just look at BCH now. It's roughly what it was before it was added to CB Moon will not come through the short term pump associated with being on CB
  17. OK folk's I'm back from my holiday, fresh avatar too, wadi miss?
  18. So it's dipped back to 0.90.... Painful - yes Do I sell - no Do I scream "it's a scam" all over the internet - no Instead, I'm going on a vacation from crypto for a bit, with my HODL of XRP safely in cold storage. See you when the weather warms up a bit folks!!! MIT
  19. People are panicking at a price drop and are trying to find any possible shred of pseudoscientific "evidence" as a reason All the while losing all their investigative rigour, drawing conclusions that are speculative at best. The board has gone insane
  20. Stop. Stop now. JK is not dumping anything Here's HIS wallet https://bithomp.com/explorer/r9fVvKgMMPkBHQ3n28sifxi22zKphwkf8u
  21. That wallet was indeed activated by JK but that may not be HIS wallet.
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