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  1. 4 hours ago, marousi said:

    I nominate Paul Krugman

    This 1998 Paul Krugman quote always has me in stitches:



    "By 2005 or so, it will become clear that the Internet's impact on the economy has been no greater than the fax machine's."



  2. The value of XRP is equal to the amount someone will buy it off you for

    Exchanges set their rates based on various factors, but try to stay roughly the same to avoid people buying off one and selling on another to make a quick profit at the expense of the cheaper exchange (called arbitrage).

    I think most non-KRW exchanges ignore the KRW ones when setting their prices, since they are not direct competitors - the South Korean law changes mean that you need various forms of Korean identification in order to trade in KRW/XRP, making arbitrage between them and other fiats impossible

    This is what I think you are asking, but I agree... wat?

  3. I was watching a documentary on Netflix about HSBC and their violations of various acts around money laundering and the above TWEA, resulting in a > 1 bn USD fine for them in 2012.

    It got me thinking, how will banks ensure they comply with the regulations if they start accepting XRP?  Could they "blacklist" enemy wallets?

    Admittedly HSBC chose to ignore their own internal warnings on some deposits from Enemy accounts, or changed the names slightly (adding hyphens eg. TAJ-CO versus TAJCO was one example) but what's to stop a blacklisted account holder setting up a new wallet and sending from that?

    NB This is not FUD - I'm a HODLER,  just a discussion on how banks could approach this with - any - blockchain, but specifically the RCL since that's what we are interested in here?

  4. Market volatility traditionally has been a symptom of over committed investors, be it through high leveraged trades, or in the case of crypto, I think people are putting more in than they can afford to lose, breaking rule number one.

    As such, the prices dip and everyone panics and withdraws to "cut their losses".  Psychology at work here nothing else.  The HODLers will either be the biggest winners (the original BTC hodlers), or the biggest losers (anyone hold Asbestos futures these days? lol)

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