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  1. While the 76c could easily materialize, the $27 will never!
  2. Patience, Mi-lord! It will get to the new ATH.. Faith
  3. In the short term, most likely, it will hit the 50% retracement at around 1.24 and cool off a bit.
  4. Is that why XRPBTC increased by 4.6% today?
  5. So the sentiment is back to being bullish here, eh? I cant stop admiring BCB for being so consistent!
  6. Well, I have invested in crypto only what I can afford to loose. Crypto is only a smaller portion of my overall portfolio. At the moment it is at breakeven and I wouldn't mind taking another major hit for the sake a possible major turn around which, I believe, will happen this year.
  7. Just hang on there buddy.. I haven't sold either. I still believe it will pass ATH this year.
  8. Won't you allow me to have some sense of relief?
  9. BTC has erased all its gains in 2021 & XRP is now at nearly three times higher its value on Jan 1.
  10. Absolutely! I even made my portfolio diversification into gold listening to him some months ago & it's been spot on. The way he ties together charts on gold, crypto, stock markets, google trends, fear index and what not. Been watching his videos for nearly a year now. He's been sticking to his playlist all through. Never changed his XRP targets from 8 to 13 USD. His suggestions on rotating to some of those alts also have been doing well. The call he made on BTC top was almost like a prophesy come true! Although I'm not invested in BTC at all, it was just awesome to watch him proved 100% arcuate on that call. He has helped me stay grounded on most extreme fluctuations we've seen over the past couple of months. Was able to buy a huge stack of XRP at 0.18c in December after the SEC case only because of the perspective he provided. And that really helped me to DCA significantly. On a lighter note, BCB is from the future. LOL
  11. The kind of perspective this guy gives is simply mind-blowing to me.
  12. A bit of reassurance there from BCBacker!
  13. For some really unexplainable blind faith, I still believe this bull run is not over and we will all be good soon! This blood bath too shall pass before you know! Amen! I ain't selling into these red candles.. Have held through all of these 2017 and till now. Will continue to hold at least till we see the old ATH or until the SEC case is settled. Market sentiments can change overnight for no discernible reasons!
  14. BCB was predicting a bottom at 39K. We touched 31.8K. Huge! Hope the bottom is in. More than 50% of the profits wiped off from my wallet But still in profit. So, couldn't care less
  15. Its a raging bull out there. So, 10 cents is not a big deal at this time.
  16. I think 1.75 will take us past the 786 Fib resistance from the April peak. That's about another 12 cents or so.
  17. Would really appreciate seeing some fireworks during this time of COVID!
  18. ETC has become a huge hit. The little I had diversified into it back in March is already 10X! About time to cash out, I guess.
  19. I trust this too.. It ain't the end of alt bull run..
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