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  1. Normally the first transaction is to the gatehub wallet and then to you own wallet. This one i don''t know what is going on. @Mercury maybe you know what is going on?
  2. Oke that doesn't sound good, i know BTC has a **** load of backlog but damm that is very long. I would say try to reach gatehub support but well uhhhh they are not really there. You have the transaction link ?
  3. Jeroen klasse! Bitcoin fan jezus doe anders eerst even knap research
  4. How much do you have in your wallet and how much do you want to sent? This can be due to minimum reserve criteria: https://ripple.com/build/reserves/
  5. Is you wallet active ? Do you have you BTC trustline set? Do you have the link of the transaction and what is your ripple wallet adres?
  6. Ik denk dat deze hashtag niet helemaal op ze plaats is hahahaha
  7. Check a few post above it says how you can get XRP also people still get sometimes lucky if they have a lot of funds waiting that gatehub will give you 20XRP.
  8. Yes they took a transfer fee of 0.01 -> 20 -> 19.99 You are lucky for me I did not get any free 20XRP unfortunately
  9. @chalkmarketing i guess your solved your issue?
  10. Do you have the transaction link ? Also do you have you Ripple wallet adres ?
  11. Guess I wasn't a goodboy then with me no 20XRP to be shown for dammit
  12. What why are there so many greece here I knew it they came for our EU loan and no spending it on XRP that is pretty smart!!! *PS* off course this is sarcastic, I have good friends from Greece
  13. Haha I got through it but still dont really understand if the person who have to even know this Seems a bit of a weird way!
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