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  1. Can this be considered to be an alternative to Swift's nostro-vostro accounts? Imagine having one "nostro-vostro" account that supports multiple currencies and doesn't need prefunding. The account starts with a zero balance and is able to send and receive money through ODL. The delta between debit and credit operations will result in a positive or negative balance. Positive balances will be paid out to the customers, negative ones will need funding on a daily/weekly/monthly base.
  2. 1. Major security bug in the ILP/XRP design 2. Release of improved XRP 2.0 to be used by banks and governments only 3. Mandatory buyout from IMF @3$, XRP gets delisted on exchanges Not likely one of these will happen, but still...
  3. Isabel was founded by the major Belgian banks and provided software to the SME market. The software has now become redundant as all banks have their own software and apps which offer much more functionalities. Honestly, this firm is dying... So maybe they are trying to reinvent themselves? I used to work as a teamleader on the Isabel helpdesk long time ago Now that I think of it, the concept of TIPS was initially developed and used in The Netherlands and Belgium to speed up settlement for domestic transfers. Belgian banks jumping on board could be great news concerning adoption
  4. November 5: launch BAKKT (trading will only start in Dec.) and possible decision on Bitcoin ETF November 11 has only masonic meaning as far as I know From Nov. 18 on: launch Swift GPI, Temenons update, Targit2 (EU)
  5. These must be considered as currency zones, not countries: XAF means Central African Franc, and is used by 6 countries: Central African Republic, Chad, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Congo, Cameroon Sweden does not use the Euro, so it needs it's own corridors Thailand was already confirmed as used case for the multi-hop feature
  6. Linkedin feed: https://www.linkedin.com/in/takashi-okita-ba03822b/detail/recent-activity/
  7. XRP Alerts on IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/xrp-alerts/id1059392404?mt=8
  8. Een vriendin van me gebruikt deze. Het is redelijk duur, maar je kan er vlot XRP aankopen en geld overschrijven vanuit België duurt één dag. Een lage instapdrempel dus, maar wanneer je echt wil traden is pakweg Kraken een stuk beter.
  9. It's not about hostility towards TA or TA based predictions. Why is it necessary for this person to open a new topic every 3 days with a prediction (which all failed so far). There's hardly a clarification for his assumptions. Look at the first post in this topic, do you really believe this was worth opening a new topic? Why not just create one single topic called "Ripplista79's TA Algorithm Predictions" and post updates from now on in this one? Or just use the Zerpening topic...
  10. Wasn't there already a partnership between Amazon and R3?
  11. The flag in the image was indeed Malta, but he altered it. Ripple has been linked to UAE before, nothing yet found on Malta. Like I said before, this looks to obvious for a message of BearableGuy123. But hey, just my 2 cents (or drops, whatever...)
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