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  1. I know. Nevertheless, it comes a time when we need to raise the bar for the commissions we are paying. It needs to come in a true corporate manner. I believe Gatehub needs to leave behind the Robin Hood era. It been already 2 years now. Just saying.
  2. It might make sense as well that Gatehub implements some scripts so that they make it user friendly. This is clearly a no go for large investors (certified statements of account and transactions history).@enej
  3. Fully agreed. It must be prioritized aming the first!
  4. True, but holding/spreading through multiple banks gets the XRP insured. It doesn't protect though in case of a systemic risk (word goes around that confiscating mine/your physical gold held by a bank is just a matter of semantics). Having said that, I reached a point where I am more comfortable with a cold storage.
  5. THIS "........but more liquidity and higher trade volumes would make things even better for us" At this market development stage, more liquidity = higher prices Sorry for some minor editing.
  6. An older member of this forum mentioned IOTA a couple of times last year on the zerpbox (I appologies for not recollecting her/his name). Got in there, checked around and bought some, not much, but it was terribly complicated (at least for me) to buy. The quantities accumulated by others were impressive (even as %) at prices similar to the scale of Ripple last year vs now. I noticed that every now and then many members were actively and collectively spamming the network, testing its endurance, but the technicalities overwhelmed me. So, whoever is technically strong on this side, might want to check for itself what is actually going on, I guess that this would be the best way to have an opinion, based on facts.
  7. I am also holding XRP, don't think I am a troller, but I am concerned about the unbalanced ratio between buyers and sellers. I suspect that the fresh money coming into cryptos is coming on a portfolio basis ) so money is allocated in the blue chip coins. As a consequence I don't believe it is a lack of buying, what it seems is that there is excess selling. This could come from any corner from back 2013-2014 onwards.So XRP gets a ratio of the fresh money. This needs shaking and absorption. Only then could the rally begin. Or following some great findamental news coming from the network usage/adoption.
  8. I agree. It is very different from an association and it could be closer to a national bank. There is at least one actual case of a national bank which is a publicly listed "company" and that is the Swiss National Bank. Now (and this is again an opinion, not a fact) I would not see the company controlling the world's piggy bank listed, but rather controlled by the depositories, settlement associations and the like.
  9. Have you ever heard about SWIFT considering to go for an IPO? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  10. "But I'm an artist not a programmer and I don't work in finance either, it's just a hobby for me. So sorry if I'm not as profesionnal as you are but I still would like to interact on the forum and learn if I can do it before I finish reading absolutely everything there is to learn on the subject." Guess what? I am not a programmer myself and still quite shaky on the technicalities. But I got a lot of help here and people just shared their thoughts. I am good at finance though and that helped me significantly. So, ask around and then see what shape take your views. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  11. @strovu May I ask you: 1) when have you learnt first time abt Ripple? My guess: after the price increase this year? 2) how much time have you spent on Ripple website? 3) How much time have you spent on this forum reading technicalities 4) how much time have you spent reading articles on the vast internet? Make some ratios at all four questions so that the total is 100%. If the answer at the 4th question is greater than 40%, go back and study the other sources so that you have an equal distribution of approx 25%. Then come back and revisit what you have just wrote. A piece of friendly advice: make a distinction between information and opinion (this is valid for the stock market as well, so you should be familiar with it). Don't get me wrong, we are quite friendly around here, just come up with your own interpretation of facts. You are welcome to come again when ready. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  12. I thought that it took 4 years to go from 10 cents to 40 cents with a low of 0,4 cents in between. I was thinking for the older members maybe to write down some thouths, feelings, memories about those times when Ripple was the most hated in the industry. As said, feelings, events, fears, trools from those times.....funny, sad meaningful to remember. No price, no technology, humanly stuff. I am getting nostalgic if those times....weird . I will write down a couple myself. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  13. Tapatalk or Slack. More mobile driven.
  14. You need an immediate higher high to speak of a potential trend reversal. But that is only technicals, fundamentals can come up anytime to push it up or down (second option is less probable in this case) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  15. I am also thinking about Ripple employees having an open channel with the community without being harrassed or having their message lost in cheap talk about some exotic coin. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro