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  1. Do yourself a favor: move to Bitstamp asap.
  2. The fuders in this case are no amateurs. Competitors like SWIFT and / or Stellar and / or Hyperledger. Also and /or hedge funds willing to get cheap stuff. It is a whole gang.
  3. Thinking hypothetically in the case of a accredited investor, how would one know when is the next round and to be able to participate?
  4. 1. Still got the same error. Try introducing the dates and downloading the data. For me, it worked. 2. I wouldn’t see an issue in depositing/withdrawing money versus this error. 3. Try working out with the file from Gatehub.
  5. That is what I said from the beginning: these are just your opinions, not facts. It is good that we finally agree on something. I will only say that this was a very interesting statement coming from your side. I will say only that, nothing more. You are member of the Board in a small start up and personal friend with the management (who, by the way, we can only assume who they are, because there is no proof to that) in an unregulated market.
  6. I would like to add also that I am still amazed by your self confidence. I am looking at Gatehub (not as a need to point at it, but because that is your only meaningful reference so far) and I don't see there anything to be really proud about, namely: -it was incorporated with a real meaning, hence a real demand knocking at the door, after RippleTrade was discontinued -you benefited from a positive tide, as there was an increasing need at that time of additional markets to trade cryptos -due to the fact that Ripple needed a way out to still serve its customers, a bridge has been built so that the accounts are easily transfered/imported to Gatehub -Ripple has always spoke only good words about you, so you had an incredible amount of goodwill from Ripple community without any real substance at the beginning -you have been defended by the hard core community for years (me included) against trollers, new commers and the like, so no real image damage Where is Gatehub now? Here: -59th place on Coinmarketcap -unhappy customers because Gatehub doesn't provide BASIC trade history reports for taxation (BIG RED FLAG for a company who doesn't care what its customers do in front of Tax Authorities, especially when they are close to a name like Ripple who advocates full compliance and transparency -lousy liquidity, so no real use for transactions. -heavy and unfriendly interface, not improved for.....years???? Well, except a couple of lines added at the FAQ So, like you said before, Quantum Project might be here to stay, but is it going to be like Gatehub is still here??? I see that you wrote another message. I will refer to it separately.
  7. No, we should just trust you that you will handle things in an outstanding manner, like.......? Can you make a list with checked (provable) actions done? I have only good words for Damian and excellent references for Bitstamp; one source of concern still remains: is Damian involved in the day to day operations? I am asking this because, as you know, "it takes two for a tango". The issue here is not the idea, but the quality of day-to-day execution of such idea. Please, if you are taking this road, it sounds to me already like Gatehub (understaffed, running to put up fires and the whole bunch, as I very well know it already). Let us mark things here properly: this is not some revolutionary idea in what Quantum Project is doing, you are not looking to solve a problem, it is an opportunistic enterprise primarily looking (unlike other ICOs) to make profit for holders (you included, since you invested as well) from the market imperfections. As such, I do not see as the right profile for the job the nerds and/or computer geeks, but rather mature minds who are capable of running this already as a business, very much as a HFT, not as a startup. You act both as an agent as well as a principal in this, while the others have not the same luxury, even though their buck bought the same amount of QAU. So, it might make sense that you take that into account. That is an opinion, not a fact. You need to communicate (as an operational necessity, not as a personal option) this in a proper manner (based on facts) to the other coin holders. Only time can prove that, sorry.
  8. Excellent experience with Bitstamp! Between 24 and 36 hours to have a SEPA transfer confirmed. I tried it both ways (deposit / withdrawal).
  9. Let me reply to that with a clichee: "Because I am a finance guy for 25 years and the management team is always important and for a start-up is the ONLY important thing (I include here the idea)." Besides, you still have not replied to my question number 2) and to the smarter questions coming from @tulo and @zerpdigger
  10. If Gatehub cannot comply, they should openly admit it, even close the shop and that is it. I just wonder if this will take a bit longer time, maybe if/after @QuantumProject takes off and is listed on major exchanges?
  11. This I can fully agree, both you and David have tried to help. I followed your previous advice (not the one from today) and it didn't work. I am reasonable enough to not spend/waste hours writing for solution instead of trying to solve the problem myself or even hire someone to do that. I am not technically savvy, that is a fact, and I am not supposed to be. On another note I am asking a rhetorical question (I don't expect an answer): why doesn't Gatehub do its job and instead other people do it for Gatehub? It is their job, it is a commercial enterprise and they have committed to do something.
  12. I agree, nevertheless, the "shouting" comes after several months of polite inquiry towards Gatehub to offer a solution and no resolution to that. Normally when you paid for something you expect the whole package (merchandise +service). I didn't want to put the maximum pressure from the beginning, really looking patiently for Gatehub to react. But when someone takes my kindness as a sign of weakness, then it becomes a problem. I know you are experienced enough in business to realize this: I paid for a package (merchandise plus service) this was the agreement mirrored by the intermediaries in the financial markets. It is accustomed to be like this, especially in the anglo-saxon law: you provide the same type of package, as others (banks-for FX and brokerage companies for securities), you have similar obligations. For the money I have paid, I received only part of the package. I am waiting for the rest.....
  13. @lucky any thoughts from your side why Bitstamp, Kraken, Bittrex, Bitfinex and other majors (chinese excluded) are able to provide reasonable customer support and transactions logs and Gatehub not? I think we live with an image of the market which no longer applies: almost all of these mentioned above has growing pains, but are up to speed now, only Gatehub lags behind (by far I would say). I am not talking about counter party risk, but strictly customer support and organization maturity. I think that this is the update which we seem to miss lately : the market of such service providers grew up and evolved EXCEPT for Gatehub.
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