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  1. Do you know the history of this/previous xrp forum? Do you know how much work has @karlos put into this?
  2. The momentum is sliding away, bit by bit. What is more valuable, 50 bill. units of cr@p or 10-20 bill. units of gold? If this will fail, i will laugh ( and partly cry on my loss) on another story of greed getting in the way of success. History is the best oracle.
  3. Btw: Real Vision has had already presentations about Bitcoin and Ether ( and their corresponding technologies)
  4. In brief: be bold and define unequivocally xrp as an asset, not stamp fee or other funny names develop it based on definition of money: - unit if account: get Accenture to communicate if/how xrp can be reported on companies balance sheets -store of value: high probability of new currency wars underway, so branded as a similar asset class as gold (see bitcoin = digital gold) -medium of exchange: get FANG companies to advertise it as an alternative payment unit, even subsidize such programs, similar to what credit card companies are doing with merchants Use communication channels adopted by the finance community ( contact Raoul Pal from in a corporate manner to share who is Ripple and xrp). Their audience is the high profile investment community. Coinbase does not provide buying facility for xrp. Show Angelina Jolie how a donation could reach a poor community in a matter of seconds on a mobile app for that yet....see what I mean? 50 billion by 2021? Way to much IMO. Settle in the middle and subsidize active usage commercial plans not donation. IMO you reached the maximum possible momentum with the top down approach(unless you reach a deal with SWIFT). Try now a smart, commercially targeted bottom up approach. Make us happy in joining you as people who haven't sold their investment before 1$ (end of 2018). ))). There is much more to say, I smell that this is a soft and quick market research in connection with newly employments at Ripple. That is fine, squeeze us of thoughts, just do something about it afterwards.
  5. Highly appreciated any efforts to spread knowledge or show path to knowledge. Thx @rippledigital. I'll buy that one.
  6. I remember at the time when Ethereum launched its crowdfunding, the buzzword was "vaporware". People who invested at that time made good money. Just saying.... Coming back to the topic, no idea how capable is Jae Kwon. Thinking that I'd rather wait for the AKASHA project.
  7. It is not a new subject, but I saw it mentioned again today in the chatbox, which shows a certain degree of interest from the participants. A lot of people here (me included) are interested to invest in Ripple shares. It might be that opening itself up to selling shares to xrp holders, Ripple might negatively affect the price of xrp (people selling xrp to use the proceeds in order that they buy Ripple shares), which is a legitimate concern. Also, having shares with voting rights could also complicate the process of communication with shareholders (even thought the aggregate number of shares might not cause a threat to the voting process and decisions). Having outlined a very brief and high level thought only, I wonder if Ripple would consider: - issuing preferential shares (without voting rights) on cash, - based on the dates when the accounts have been activated, - even with a minimum threshold (say 5-10 k USD) - with potential availability of the subscribers / underwriters to additionally allow freezing by Ripple of corresponding xrp holdings at a scale of 1:1.....up to 1:?.. Various setups could be created here so that the hot holdings of XRP are parked for 1-3 years, plus the euphory created around buying the additional collateral :))) (xrp holdings, if the case). Of course, KYC and AML would be a mandatory part of the game. If others are interested as well, perhaps we could pass along with the help of Ripple employees present here (@Joelkatz, @nikb, @mduo13) such a wish to Ripple top management?
  8. ....and mainstream media
  9. now, given the currencies war worldwide, the question is how long do the banks need to start considering xrp as a refuge asset?
  10. ....this seems also quite interesting (from the Coindesk article): "This gives us a strong balance sheet to also consider acquisitions. There are a lot of small players doing something interesting. Historically, we wouldn’t be interested, but going forward we may be."
  11. Market making?
  12. Hardly. This would imply either incompetence and/or fraud. I don't suspect them of either. I do suspect them of a certain laziness in submiting financial accounts , but this is common to the majority of eastern europeans, regardless where the company is registered.
  13. Sorry, I just saw that it has been posted already by @Mercury
  14. "Thomas said the majority of the big tech players' ire is directed at Visa, which is now competing directly with PayPal, Worldpay and some other user-facing solutions with Visa Checkout. Suggesting there is not that much love in the room between these large companies is putting it mildly, he said. "The tech companies would much rather be able to move themselves. I think what they are lacking, what they need is some way to interoperate with each other. That's the thing the Visa has that they don't have, the interoperability. That's why we think having a protocol that gives them that interoperability is going to unleash complete hell on Visa." "By the end of the year we will hopefully have a solid integration with all the major cryptocurrencies and some traffic going through it, some real money going through it between different cryptocurrencies. We think that is the signal companies like Google are waiting for to take the next step. Then maybe we will see some adoption from tech companies as well." "
  15. They are far from each other, too long to write the difference. PS. I don't need financial advice. I make my own decisions. Speak up your mind, no need for disclaimers here.