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  1. What's going on then? We have had a sustained spell of increasing volume. The market is moving and some have called the end of the bear market!
  2. This one maybe. But I think it’s naive to discount TA in crypto. As a developing market with increasing volume it is certain to start moving like a traditional market where TA is important.
  3. I know next to nothing about TA but my feeling is despite manipulation playing a big part you still probably have to have some fundamental movement based on the how all traditional markets move. We'll have to wait and see what happens next! Magicpoopcannon as far as I remember has consistently called the market lower and has said he did expect it to go even lower than it is...but he seems to say there's signs the bear could be dead. I really really hope he's right as this crypto winter has been gruelling!
  4. If the magicpoopcannon thinks the bottom might be in then I’m listning!
  5. It can sometimes be a sign we are at the bottom. Everyone is calling it lower and lower...
  6. Oh no, I understand. It’s very interesting stuff though. All my expectations are so far is that SWIFT is working with a company that is clearly involved with crypto and more specifically XRP. Things are becoming more mainstream however slow it is. It will be interesting to see how things evolve over the next few years and the interplay between the different fintech entities.
  7. Hang on, banks have to hold XRP? I thought the whole point is that they don’t have to. They buy and sell XRP via XRapid?
  8. Well unfortunately I am a little behind with all the developments but as far as I could gather the middleman is R3 through Corda. Now I was thinking today that the idea of ripple taking over swift as a direct replacement is incredibly unlikely if not bordering on ridiculous. If blockchain and crypto is going to be useful for cross border settlements how will it evolve? Well it will probably be adaptation of existing systems to make use of something like XRP. It seems to me this news today is a step, however small, in that direction. Did you watch the live stream from Paris? I found it interesting that the 2 reasons given by the SWIFT CEO as to why banks aren’t keen on fiat to crypto at the moment is due to regulation and volatility, both of which are likely redundant points going forward. So what happens when these points are resolved? Banks continue to reject something that makes it cheaper and easier to transfer money? Out of interest you seem to be doubtful about XRP, are you just here for interest in crypto in general?
  9. Well the PoC will use fiat, but potentially could use a crypto currency. The point is that in an open market banks should be able to choose and if given that choice XRP would be pretty well placed. It is all speculation. We're a long way from SWIFT using an crypto !
  10. The lawsuit was settled, nobody won? Also why are you seemingly so negative about the r3 swift PoC. I'm not really sure I understand, because to me it seems something like this is potentially beneficial.
  11. I'm a bit out of the loop with R3, Corda etc. Is the Corda platform a payment system to settle payments cross border using cryptocurrencies and DLT? If this is integrated into SWIFT will this mean direct use of XRP?
  12. As far as I can tell I feel as if we are in the despair phase...
  13. Nice post - I was worrying when people were panicking! The anomaly really is Q3, a huge likely unsustainable jump in sales of XRP. Taking the sales information quarterly as a whole I think it looks strong!
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