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  1. Mrecho


    i am very sad about that.
  2. Mrecho

    Could this be the end of bitcoin?

    but dollar are used to do illegal act as BTC i can not see the difference and the reason of this thread.
  3. Mrecho

    Could this be the end of bitcoin?

    USD is not related to any illegal activity? has it ever been banned for this?
  4. Mrecho

    Ripple’s New Communication Strategy

    i like your post. I like the energy you put when you write. thank you
  5. don' t worry no problem with your post i was just joking
  6. why we do not speak again about Coinbase? it is almost 2 days with no topic about this issue.........
  7. Mrecho

    Brad Garlinghouse - BBC World News

    When i see my XRP account and i realize that i have left very few dollars i am frustrated. But i am old enough to distinguish frustration from reality. The huge dip is not the fault of XRP and if there is one crypto that can really survive to this bath-bain this is XRP due to the strong RIPPLE team and RIPPLE strategies behind that coin.
  8. i also believe this. a long bearish time is ahead the longer it will last the lower the growth for xrp this year. this concerns all the major crypto of course.
  9. i feel more like you. I did not pinpoint well as you did the fact that there is a slow for all the market In any case the global situation is in my opinion worrysome
  10. why my friends you become upset ( or aggressive or impolite) if one of the group has a different point of view and he intends to express it in a gentle way as i did ? I am not going to sell. I am going to hodl.
  11. ... is maybe time to underestimate growth possibilities for 2018....
  12. Mrecho

    My idea about this current spike

    my idea is that as of now XRP is so volatile and weak that its price is affected much more by stupid rumors (even created by xrpchat or reddit) than from real facts. An economic product so volatile and weak is technically not ready for real growth
  13. We see that the price of XRP is surging since yesterday probably because of rumors about COINBASE adding XRP to its trading platform. Regardless the add on coinbase can be true or not, my considerations regard the fact that as of now this kind of rumors have the power to affect the price, speaking for a very limited interest of huge investors in XRP. This should not be as negative since it can mean once again that we are in the baby era of XRP. However this could also mean that the world around XRP and more generally crypto is quite limited and stupid rumors (often false) determine spike and dump and that there is scarce space for real growth due to mature interest in XRP.