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  1. So as long as m XRP stays in the exchange it is fully accessible and there is no locked 25 xrp in there. How to know which paper wallet website was a genuine one? (I might have missed the instructions for a paper wallet here) Thank You!
  2. Dear Ripple-Community, I was wondering about the required 25 xrp for new wallets/addresses (which are fixed and can not be sold?): In Kraken for example u have to klick generate new address for the xrp´s. Is this Kraken XRP-deposit adress inside of my Kraken-account also going to require these 25 xrp to be activated? 2nd Question: What is the natural and safest way to have a wallet/address in the ripple "network"? By natural I mean kinda like downloading the Ethereum client and generating an address. In ethereum for me it was the client or myetherwallet.co*. I realize there is something similar to that for Ripple but I also know that long time ago there was an original ripple client (which is gone). BR S
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