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  1. That is a great question, and is how this thread should've started. Based on the current use case position, I would be inclined to think that FIs would eventually like XRP to be just between themselves, which makes it a good idea to get an account early. However, if there is ever a retail use case scenario, then the floodgates open to everyone needing the ability to have a wallet, and the deposit reserve would naturally come down by popular demand. All it takes is one of the FIs to transact with retail customers using a payment channel that runs on ripple and XRP, and competition will drive the adoption from there. Either way, I think the intention of XRP in the long term is to find a price and adoption level that works for being a true medium of exchange, and not be a long term investment. I just don't know what that price level is, and until it gets there XRP could be a great speculative investment. After it gets there XRP could also be a great alternative to hold when you're worried about local inflation rates.
  2. aww, don't dis the pumps. They are seriously helping me out in the quarterly prediction game for this year. I need mid year pumps.
  3. My heart says yes but my gut says no. My sixth sense is leaning towards a flight of relatively minor capital from China/US markets into crypto as a hedge on the trade war this month.
  4. So you're saying someone's xrp was actually frozen? I hadn't heard of that at all. I thought maybe it was a joke about Jeb/Max Entropy when I saw the poll.
  5. In Ripple's case I would guess that lack of regulation certainty is the holdup on adoption/high volume use. I haven't seen anything about another tech being adopted that works better, so it would make sense that the problem is most likely not the product, but the environment.
  6. aw man, that's a lot of reading if you don't follow them all the time. I felt encouraged scrolling through the posts and seeing a lot of profiles that still see active. I honestly thought after last year the number of pre fall of 2017 run up hodlers left on this board would be down to like you, me, and a chicken, bull and pickle. Changing your profile pic threw me for a bit though. I'm slow these days.
  7. How can you tell if they gave up and quit? I see some just listed as "Guests" now, but I think some others just don't post anymore, or might post but sold out. Surprisingly, I see a lot of people that are still going strong though.
  8. @MegaNerd is right though. I'm not capable of doing a technical trading analysis on cryptos. When I say 'it doesn't make fundamental sense to me' I'm talking about the long term use case. I understand Ripple's business plan, so I understand why XRP would be used or have demand. I don't understand the business case for BTC, but I do recognize it has attracted demand for its product, I just don't know why. I literally meant that I don't understand BTC at its base level, hence my use of the term 'fundamental'.
  9. I have to admit, these prolonged periods of xrp dropping against btc always leave me confused. Other than being a gateway to other cryptos, what drives people to buy btc? Surely crypto has been out long enough that people in the market don't think it's the only coin to hold right? This is why I can't do short term trading. xrp losing to btc doesn't make any fundamental sense to me.
  10. I mostly check in to play the forecasting/guessing games, and see if any cool new has popped up. I don't believe the price is going above $5 this year for sure, but that's because the whole space is moving sideways right now. Then again, I'm a long term hodler targeting 2029 for potentially my first sell date, and I think XRP has more potential utility than any other crypto, so I guess I am saying I think the price will be over $10, just not this year. I'm a little disappointed BG123 didn't work out though. That was some great conspiracy fun last year.
  11. Reflection of all of crypto being quiet for so long. Btw, a lot of people in the game have end of March predictions in the $0.30-$0.36 range. This could turn out to be a very competitive game this year.
  12. I really hope so. I would love to look back on my prediction and laugh about how far I undershot it lol.
  13. Expect another sideways pattern this year. Next year could be a launch year. Q1: $0.48 Q2: $0.65 Q3: $0.55 Q4: $0.60
  14. still here. I'll bet @Chewiecoin is too. Pretty sure if you look at the Hodl to $100 thread 90% of those peeps were talking in terms of years, or even a decade. If you threw what should amount to 'change' in your savings plan at XRP, why sell at $0.29? At that point ride to $0 or ride to retirement, but just ride
  15. Without a xmas miracle @tar is going to end up running away with it. Are you making a 2019 thread when this one officially closes?
  16. Volume can be a finicky partner to have a relationship with. High volume can lead to big swings in either direction. November didn't work out well price wise, but it did give XRP a lead over ETH. I'm raising a glass to your correct assertion that we could be in for a good xmas surprise, even if it's not the $589 level but more in the $1-6
  17. always promise to pay them tomorrow for a lambo today. Besides, 90% of the lambos you see celebs enjoying are rentals for the day, or a lease for the month. Never seen anyone that uses it as a daily driver.
  18. Agreed. Would be nice to see XRP stay #2, or #1, from here on out.
  19. The only limiting factor on XRP $5000 is that there are not enough islands for everyone on xrpchat to buy lol.
  20. Yes, they do. Right now a lot of traders are dodging taxes, and many people don't even know they are. Eventually the tax man cometh though.
  21. For everyone's sanity sake, you really do need to do some Googling on the escrow. Otherwise you can't understand over half the reactions you're getting here. For instance, answer this: What is the purpose of the escrow in the first place? If any thought other than 'controlled long term inflation via monetary policy for ensuring liquidity' popped into your head, then you're starting from the wrong place, and it's why you don't understand what is going on. The higher the price of XRP, the less of the escrow that would be sold each month, and the longer it will last giving a longer life to the coin and its ecosystem. This is a topic that has been thoroughly explored multiple times.
  22. ok, so which one of you guys had the 6th of November in the pool? Oddly enough natural gas spiked almost 10% yesterday too, so maybe XRP is correlated to NG and Midwestern cold fronts.
  23. The last IRS guidance (USA) I saw said that every transaction, even between cryptos was a taxable event. Isn't that why they asked Coinbase to turn over the history of every account with $10,000+ in it?
  24. Taxes are exactly why I don’t try to trade. Even if I did gues right on timing I may lose out to the government in the end. I’m hoping that I only have to ever sell once, or never at all.
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