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  1. I don't have the twitter link but I'm 99% sure that @JoelKatz once said that a higher value for XRP was better for Ripple and that the company was working to ultimately improve the price.
  2. XD That's exactly what I did when I made my purchase of XRP. Not at $0.90 obviously. I set a ridiculously high sell order with no expiration just in case I forgot about it and XRP mooned hardcore while I was off building a normal retirement plan. If you got a buyout price in mind that you'd be really happy walking away from your XRP at, given how volatile the market is, setting that order might not be a bad idea.
  3. "We can agree to disagree, but we don't need to be disagreeable." - John Wooden You're a great example of a thoughtful person @Tinyaccount. I have nothing but respect. I hope you get your chance to blow way past the accredited investor barriers, and the sooner the better. #XRPtheStandard
  4. I understand where you're coming from. I mean, any rational, normal person wouldn't smoke weed, drink alcohol, eat McDonalds, gamble for a living....etc. And that is where you run into a fundamental flaw in economics, people are not rational, normal, long-term thinkers. They are not collectively highly educated and fully aware of all of the risks. I know I've seen posts in this forum from a couple folks in India that threw their life savings into XRP expecting greatness. That country watches tv on their phones, and the vast majority of people don't even get to access the internet. Those
  5. Oh I wasn't calling out anyone on here in particular. Honestly, I don't know the personal story behind each one of you well enough to know if your personal investment is painful or not. I was just referring in general to people that for one reason or another viewed XRP as a no risk way to quickly increase the value of their money and retire well. There are people on this forum that come across that way, and several of them make the same comments of people that I do know in real life who are not financially educated, and have unreal expectations of the markets and the risk that their various
  6. There is definitely a lot of evidence that Ripple the company is in a heavy growth mode and making great strides, and probably doing very well financially. I just wish someone from Ripple like @JoelKatz would shed some light on the roadblocks remaining in the path of Ripple's partners, clients, banks, etc. to using XRP. I'm sympathetic to the folks that bought high and lost $, or bought XRP to try and flip it as a short term investment. I get the pain from your point of view. I bought XRP once, I only plan to sell once, and the price on my sell date (Jan 2029) doesn't matter, s
  7. I hate watching vids too. Is this the only thing of material that DS covered?
  8. Is that a real quote from David? If so that highlighted section sounds exactly like what many people in this thread have said, that is, the XRP sales are being required by Ripple's partners. Logical conclusion being that they want a very diversified holdership of XRP before they do anything that moons the price by any material amount. Also, second sentence on tightening spreads is very close to price control, but not necessarily the same thing. Could just be an effort to create volume, but the fact transactions are made has an effect on price. I don't want to make any accusations of evil
  9. Actually, this point is why I thought they might be giving away XRP so much. Assuming the math is right, and bank adoption makes the price of each XRP moon, that would represent a massive wealth transfer on paper, which could be come real if Ripple sold their holdings. It's certainly the most extreme profit margin for a company I have ever seen. I'm 99% certain that behind the scenes world leaders, banks, other commercial entities are trying to find a way not to have the suggested wealth transfer on paper even potentially become real, and one way to do that would be to give away the underly
  10. The sub 500 was beginning of 17, but the end of 17 was the next bottom at 1500. So if we're guessing at a bottom now, I'd guess 1500-2000 ish unless there is some fundamental change in the market or some FOMO media attention sets in and drives speculation again.
  11. I believe XRP will rebound to the mean against the other cryptos before the general market sells off, thus avoiding the below $0.20 fate. I don't have any special proof, but reversions to the mean just seem to happen in life.
  12. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vT60Kfdscx9tKhH99SNsG8ERUxtva3V4-WTSfec0Ct7_uioQRRunnzFZ6jnVOXX381BwRIorIGmi8HC/pubhtml# That's the link to the file @tar made if y'all need it.
  13. I have $0.413 as the final price on 6/30 so congrats to: @PactaSuntServanda for predicting $0.40 And @RippleGambler for $0.42 On to September!
  14. @Ripple-Stiltskin is actually probably right, if you just listen to what he's saying. There isn't enough liquidity to be driving price moves based on utility yet. So historically the alt coins have done nothing when BTC is rising but the news is nonexistent. But the 2 times in XRP's history where every news site was flooded with crypto news and the public was going crazy, and every cab driver in NY was telling you what 'the next bitcoin would be, those were the times that alt coins, and XRP especially, exploded in price against BTC. Therefore, what @Ripple-Stiltskin is trying to tell
  15. That is a great question, and is how this thread should've started. Based on the current use case position, I would be inclined to think that FIs would eventually like XRP to be just between themselves, which makes it a good idea to get an account early. However, if there is ever a retail use case scenario, then the floodgates open to everyone needing the ability to have a wallet, and the deposit reserve would naturally come down by popular demand. All it takes is one of the FIs to transact with retail customers using a payment channel that runs on ripple and XRP, and competition will drive
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