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  1. Nobody here can tell for sure, some of the biggest companies we know operate on a loss year to year (Netflix, Tesla etc) That does not mean they're successful or not either. Anybody claiming otherwise is full of ****, sorry.
  2. Lmao. Dont need to go that far back, 2008 was some quality bank management as well lol. Ah yes always trust banks to only give out loans to people who can actually pay them. Its not like they make more money on people who can't.
  3. At this point im even glad to see something happen, even if its going down. I have been following the XRP charts daily since september 2017 , and its mind numbingly boring these last months.
  4. I feel you, i bought in Oktober 2017, bought bits to the top and the bottom, averaging at 0.30. I wonder if i should just sell and move to the stockmarket with the rest of my investments. I wont, it might be a bad decision, i feel like there is a chance this bubble has bursted forever. But i truly believe in Ripple's vision so i'll go down with the ship. Also at this point it would kill me if i sold and then it jumped.
  5. Lmao the arrogance. Its not luck if you believe in your investment, but go ahead and try to beat the market time after time and turn rich, im sure you are that one that will succeed. Im going warren buffet on this, check back in a couple of years.
  6. I would like to thank the users that stressed other people te keep their funds out of exchanges, i transfered mine a couple of months ago.
  7. They should have locked this thread on page 1. Its not a good look for the community imo.
  8. Two years of pain, two weeks of glory. At this point i even refuse to sell, i would rather have my money in limbo than risk selling and it mooning then. I have embodied investors mistake 101. But i still grandly believe in the tech and the company!
  9. 10k? Wow okay, thats a new record right? I mean and here i was thinking 589 was insane. Silly little me
  10. What is wrong with you man? You're having a monologue in this thread or what? Do you need medical help? Chill
  11. This is the single worst thing to do when investing lmao. Literally, dont get attached to your investments, they dont love you back.
  12. I have a hard time believing in TA. If the sec gives us the green light its going to go up no matter what formations are building, and if Trump tweets that XRP sucks its going to tank. In the meantime i'll be doing what i have been doing for 1.5 years, wait patiently and see.
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