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  1. I have a hard time believing in TA. If the sec gives us the green light its going to go up no matter what formations are building, and if Trump tweets that XRP sucks its going to tank. In the meantime i'll be doing what i have been doing for 1.5 years, wait patiently and see.
  2. With that joker CEO im surprised they dont have more debt.
  3. I dont think so, but honestly who knows how fintech will look like in 10 years time.
  4. Put all his money and savings into XRP and even takes out a loan and now needs an apology because he learned that nobody can predict the future.
  5. Oh boy.. Somethings have gone over someone's head alright.
  6. Just ordered a Nano ledger, i think its time. Not likely to cash out in the next two years anyway.
  7. When moon? When bottom?
  8. When moon? Or i love when people ask for the bottom like they ask directions thats a favourite of mine.
  9. Are you though? Dont you remember that thread that completely backfired on you and everyone started asking you questions and you dissapeared for 3 months or so?
  10. Those champions that bought at AH and are still around are the ones that will cash out at 589 lmao
  11. Lol it reached 3 because my neighbour and his mother were buying into crypto in that period. It took months to even get verified because of the craze.
  12. Imagine the price shooting to 3$ or whatever and the OP is forced to apologise in his ow'n thread where he was demanding people to do the same.
  13. Are you twelve and just discovered cynicism and think its cool?
  14. Why should his 2 dollars next year be pessimistic? That is an insane return if you buy now. Just because he does not predict 5k like some actual insane people does not mean its pessimistic.
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