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  1. No it doesn't say anything, but besides that I just figured out that Coinmama requires me to take a selfie with a ******* ID which is just ridiculous. Do you have any suggestions on what broker I should use that has fast verification system?
  2. Ok I'm probably gonna listen to BroCoin and use ShapeShift.io. But what I don't understand is what am I supposed to do after I buy Bitcoin from Coinmama? How do i change it?
  3. can somebody please help me buy ripple, i want to buy it but i need to wait at least 5 days for my account to get verified, so I was wondering if someone can send me 20 XRP and i'll pay him with paypal please ?
  4. Can someone send me 20 XRP, I'll pay him how much 20 XRP are worth The reason im asking this is because in order for me to buy ripple i need to wait 5+ days for my account to get verified so im just wondering if someone can buy me 20 xrp's
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