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  1. Does anyone know if ripple has some sort of road map pertaining to increasing Xrps transactions per seconds? I know ethereums next update will allow for up to 1million tps. I would think there would be an amount of tps that would be the maximum needed for any financial utility and anything more would be unnecessary . Any way I'm hope ripple can keep up with the rest of the ever evolving cryptos currencies. @JoelKatz
  2. "First, they can buy XRP very cheaply, possibly even below market value. Why? Because they can just wait for somebody to make a payment where they have the currency the payment tries to deliver. They can take the XRP the sender got in exchange for the asset they’re paying with and provide the asset they’re delivering to the recipient. This is precisely what xRapid does, and companies can take advantage of it to buy XRP cheaply." I'm a little lost on this exerpt. The word cheap is subjective and when you say they can possibly buy below market value and say the xrp was cheap what price range are you suggesting?@JoelKatz Also if the slippage is kept tight doesn't the price become somewhat irrelevant?
  3. 1.blue logo cuz blue is the color,of the ocean and the beach is kewl 2.the name ripple and xrp cuz xrp sounds like a cyborg alien spy "who shagged me" from planet ripple 3.cuz every time I see the name brad garlinghouse I misread it as bread garlichouse and I think of mamas old world Italian cuisine
  4. I wonder, If a big financial institution like money gram were to buy and sell xrp off of exchanges there wouldnt be enough supply or demand to keep the price stable unless there are multiple institutions buying and selling between each other.if they are not trading on public exchanges I don't understand how value would increase if xrp transactions are happening inside a walled garden of big money, besides the decrease in supply, how would individual investors benefit while being excluded from an isolated and elite market place? @JoelKatz@Hodor
  5. It is important to be conscious of the ever increasing wealth disparity of the world and how much suffering it causes. As much as I'd like to witness the financial liberation of the worlds less fortunate people, bitcoin, which at this point has been tainted with the same concentrated wealth it was seeking to dissipate, is not the answer. Of course ripple and xrp are not the answer either, but that isn't ripples narrative. Greed is alive and well I am a first hand witness. Is cryptocurrency a gateway to an economic revolution? I don't know, hopefully one day we will see people start valuing the well being of all their fellow humans and the earth that gives them life over wealth and power. Today is not that day and so for now we all just want to get rich.
  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/Ripple/status/949131179797626880?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
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