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  1. I second the motion, no reversies, double stamped, final answer. We the people demand Hodor's Blog
  2. apparently these guys are pulling the same scam with trx as well. On a brighter note, I never would have fallen for this scam if he was asking for my xrp. Yet somehow I am a fool for trx.
  3. when you think of all the s#@t that people buy and never use it makes sense that we borrow rather than buy items. Like I may play golf one day a year and renting another persons golf bag for $30 bucks is better than buying,
  4. Anybody who can't hold on while we are parked on the launch pad, certainly has no business coming along with us for the rid. Hodl to the moon and back again.
  5. Hold the door.....hold the door......hold the door.......hold the.......hodl.......hodl......hodl
  6. I need some support and compassion because I was on a zerp high for over three weeks and I really need some zerp right now, if anyone knows where I can get even a little zerp I will do anything for you man.
  7. I was so tempted being the most ardent follower of xrp into the future, sure why not use leverage to buy more xrp. wrongo. unless you are an experienced day trader who deeply understands the other players in the system and how they operate, then stay the hell away from margin. crypto markets are the most transparent in the world and you are going to bat against the fastest best big league pitchers in the business when you go to the margin side of things. Do not do it it is not worth losing your seat on the spaceship just because you wanted a seat two rows up. stay put. hodl.
  8. In my observance today of the primitives @futureledger , i notice they do not have the sensory capacity to understand that they are in a pot of boiling water even though I inform them to get out and join me, they insist it was nice and warm when they got in and they like it !
  9. bing bing bing bing, give that man a cigar he wins the golden ticket to willy wonka's chocolate factory. HODL. No Margin. It is the only rocket ship everything else follows. unlimited scalability! ubiquity! visa max trans/sec = 70k xrp trans/sec = unlimited like numbers. it is what you do not know that gets you hurt. this ubiquity was created by computers you do not know anything about. in fact they are not computers even. but they can answer the most complex numbers man can think of if asked. Like I said, read the last question, dr assimov had a vision, i had a vision we are different souls expressing the same thing. be the fool that journeys to tomorrow and win. be the wiser and stay behind and lose.
  10. what about how much my bag o zerp be worth when saudi aramco icos with xrp (we have to include them in the nwo too). or even better, what about elon musk's real company, spacex. I wonder how many trillions they will raise in xrp. that is the only place I would want to invest my xrp so it can get to mars.
  11. I like the way your mind works. you are starting to pick up the bread crumbs soon you;ll have enough bread to feed fifty families for fifty years.
  12. yup that about sums it up. But the good news is we're all gonna be filthy stinking rich before anyone else in this new world order gets their share. Its like running a race except we get a halfway head start.
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