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  1. I dont understand though, if someone dumps a load of bitcoin why do all other coins go down aswell, why not just bitcoin?
  2. https://thenextweb.com/hardfork/2018/03/07/binance-accidentally-selling-users-cryptocurrency-bitcoin/
  3. At times like this XRP support is irrelevant, bitcoin support decides how low we go unfortunately
  4. Lol they're just spouting any old bs to try and get views, I bet there's no announcements (other than maybe Moneytap which we now already know about) and Brad isn't going to say anything we don't already know about ripple being listed on coinbase
  5. You serious? The whole world stops because one seemingly insignificant guy from the Whitehouse resigns?
  6. Total market cap taking a beating - why? Not because of that Cohen idiot resigning surely?
  7. Ripple is doing amazing as a company, we just need patience because one day the success will surely transfer over to XRPs price
  8. Not quite the same as live TV, but we still get to hear brads sexy voice so I'm content with the outcome
  9. Sorry I must have got mixed up in the madness of trying to find working stream!!
  10. So back on topic CNBC said ripple have a 'major' announcement to make right? Did they blow this up out of all proportion like the Coinbase one that will 'rock the crypto world' ????
  11. Not being funny but I don't think anyone wants to hear this arsehole speak again. Only part I would rewatch is when he gets interrupted and cut off
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