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  1. Ripple is not selling banks via the market. As far as I know they are aiming not to drop the market with the supply of XRP they have left to be sold. So how do they sell the XRP to banks? In order not to drop te market and distribute more XRP, they sell XRP directly to banks and try to include this in a contract form/agreement with the banks/institutions. I assume ripple offers banks a little of price reduction in this sort of agreements, but banks are just allowed to sell a little bit of their stash at once(so the market does not get overflood).
  2. seems like a pump and dump schedule to me lol
  3. It is all related to market forces. If I buy XRP via BTC it will be cheaper to buy XRP when the bitcoin price gets lower. Because of arbitrage people will start making use of the most rewarding trading options. For the direct market movements there is not always one holding solution. Especially with a lot of trading bots who primary all are focused on the same trigger they might influence the market as a primary factor.
  4. This is because of the fact that bitcoin is the standardized bridgecurrency for cryptocurrencies. The price of most cryptocurrencies is only expressed in bitcoin and therefore when bitcoin goes up the price of this currency indirectly also goes up. However, some cryptocurrencies also have other bridging pairs. But because of the fact that bitcoin is the market leader and most cryptocurrencies are expressed into bitcoin a decreasing bitcoin will make it more interesting to buy a currency via bitcoin(because it becomes cheaper). This is due to market forces. If I own 1 ether and by switching it for dollars and then switching dollars for bitcoin and bitcoin to ether to get 1.1 ether I will do so(because I get more value). Money goes where it can create value and since bitcoin is still the market leader cryptocurrency and bridgecurrency it has a big influence on the market. There is no way around it, until cryptospace grows more mature and more top cryptocurrencies get directly paried to fiat currencies.
  5. To start with, individuals can just use it the same as banks do. You can buy XRP and send it to somebody else with a ripple address without waiting for weeks before your transfer is received by the other party. Furthermore, besides of banks there are also big investors that like to have some XRP. I also think that it is not a matter of or, but banks and individuals can also participate both in a cryptocurrency network. However, when XRP grows as a currency(and having it a lot of pros above cons) in the future it can also become a great service to become a payment service. Just my personal opinion on it.
  6. Just delete this topic and eliminate this kind of links. This is not worth the risk in any way, since a lot of zepers can lose more than a few grands for 0.3 dollar.
  7. Please do not use, this can be a phishing mail registration form or something like that. Also it is not smart to give away your personal details, especially when you own cryptocurrencies this could hurt.
  8. I'm in for a few bucks. Looks like a good project in the long-run to me.
  9. I'm in for the long run, not just for a pump
  10. I'm totally sober, but only slept 3 hours due to the fact I have been buying iota all night before listing lol.
  11. HODL HODL HODL HODL HODL. If we do that together we will be well off sooner and sooner. I choose to diversify a bit in the meanwhile in cryptos like siacoin, radium, iota, tokes(because the casino was closed). However, happy waiting. Live your life, make something out of it and be patient, like water my friend. Why like water, because it's the only thing that influences the world without doing anything itself, it just flows. It makes the world flat, waters the seeds, gives life and is able to kill. While it seems like it's doing nothing. But water is patient and will outrun everything in the world.
  12. I already bought some, listing within 11 hours
  13. A recession in the stock market doesn't necessarily mean that this will automatically reflect into cryptocurrencies. Whether it works out positive or negative for cryptospace is up to a lot of different circumstances.
  14. I am into radium and tokes for a bit. (Please take into consideration that tokes is real high risk)
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