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  1. I don't think institutions will start buying big until we get regulation and custodial services in place. It's just too risky right now.
  2. So much good news. Crypto is here to stay and everyone knows it.
  3. I thought there were a lot of good insights in the Miguel video, this being one of them. I'm glad to see institutional hedging and custody solutions are part of their 2018 roadmap. This will be huge in allowing the big money to flow in. Also, I think the continued adoption of xCurrent along with SWIFT GPI will help advance the payments industry significantly in 2018. Once this is achieved, digital assets such as XRP will appear to be much more within reach for banks or FI's to implement for additional savings and liquidity. Right now, even though there are some key trials going on, XRP is not fully understood or it simply isn't necessary for most institutions. I think this paradigm will change greatly over the next year.
  4. I would marry that girl in the back row in 2 seconds -
  5. I noticed this as well. Let's hope the trend continues!
  6. I really wish I could be listening. Anything specific catch your attention so far?
  7. i see the stream working. too bad i dont have volume rn
  8. The correlation is definitely real. I remember BTC at $10k, ETH at $1k, and XRP at $1. Now I'm seeing BTC $6.2K, ETH $614, XRP $.062. They have been in line this entire drop. As for how or why, I can't speculate on that.
  9. I think the part you're missing is that if exchanges hold a lot of USDT that becomes worthless, they may become insolvent.
  10. I share a similar opinion. I don't think it's fair to say all growth since 2017 was only due to USDT pumping. Lots of real progress has been made and new investors have entered the market. Sure there may be a crash if Tether folds but I think the entire situation is being over-hyped. I've taken money out of Polo and Bittrex as a precaution but I'm still holding all the coins in my wallets through whatever happens.
  11. I'm thinking this entire situation is being over hyped. I guess we'll see ? HODL
  12. I bolded another part of the quote that caught my eye first reading through it. However, if there are a bunch of companies who may be using XRP that we don't know about - shouldn't the price be going up? Or is it still not enough demand at this point to make the needle move based on limited pilot testing.
  13. In a recent episode of the Coin Mastery podcast (recommended), Carter said how patterns never last because they get arbitraged away. I thought it was a good point that stuck with me. Knowing my luck, if I sell at year end then next year will be the first January bull run and I'll be watching from the sidelines. ?
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