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  1. Wrong . Only a few banks make money through the current system. What you view as a negative is a supreme positive . Work on getting your own information straight before you comment on subjects . especially when you post as if what you say is a fact. New investors could read your false information and soak it up like a sponge. You probably heard that crap from somewhere yourself . Sad
  2. god you guys constantly pestering with this is kind of gross tbh. We get it you want gains and people to pump your bags, you dont have to bold it and underline it.
  3. Tether is crap though, its terms and conditions used to state they back each tether 1:1 with usd now it was changed to its backed with USD & crypto . Tether refused a 3p audit and fired the company who did the previous non public audit. Tether is a cancer to the cryptosphere.
  4. Small coin count crypto, that's what these peasants prefer because it moons like that. But its not scale able for world usage, for ex look at btc being bogged down in transaction time and cost. Network not sustainable.
  5. Man ive been preaching that on here for so long to the people that are like "BuT mUh GaiNZ R sO gOOd" yea well what if the Chinese double spend millions and millions and you don't even know it until its too late and everyone has lost their hard earned cash. You wont be thinking that. I have posted this http://galgitron.net/Post/How-China-Can-Kill-Bitcoin too many times. I will not buy any btc or let any friends or family, and also NO fiduciary financial assistant will recommend their clients invest in btc if they know this.
  6. Lmao now I have seen it all Alvaro crying about some trashing other crypto’s when his sole existence on xrpchat is to trash xrp. Btc is trash bro, can’t scale and too expensive. guess what can also be a store of value ....XRP. Then what does btc have? I’ll tell you, a bunch of people tripping over theirselves trying to sell but nobody is buying and they’re stuck with a shitcoin.
  7. What is the USD goes down like venezuela's currency and all the USD millionaire/billionaire bagholders are looking stupid. This is why i focus on digital assets and homes, people always going to need a palce to live and will pay with the on demand currency of that time. were already losing 3% a year its not some 'cant happen doomsday' This **** happens all over the world.
  8. He said theres a difference between now and 2017 when we were at 30c for ages, i brought up all of that and you say we are at 30c. are you unable to comprehend how that makes no sense?
  9. There is a big difference between now and then. We are on coinbase as well as hundreds of more exchanges (back when i bought xrp for the first time you had to buy ether on coinbase and send to binance to trade for xrp, much easier now) xrapid is live r3 has conducted trials with swift, as well we found out they have the ability to settle with xrp in their code. Moneygram is utilizing xrp and ripple bought 10% of moneygram Sbi just went live today
  10. Correct there will come a day, and that day will be much better than other tokens. Simply because the amount of money it will take to manipulate xrp with 100b tokens will be way too much for anyone to attempt. Once utility pushes price, once liquidity is there, once bank and market maker fomo sets in its a GG for us. This is all my opinion of course. Another thing you have to consider, this market isnt mature. We have 18/19 y/o's and other young people who have never invested before in their life. Who wouldn't know how to research a leadership team or invest based on fundamentals. Th
  11. Its much more simple than you think, idk why you guys think this is an organic market. Market is manipulated by large pockets with bot trading software.
  12. Just because you received the funds the next day doesn’t mean the funds were settled the next day. I can bet my a** they weren’t.
  13. No youre a pessimistic, boring, gate keeper. Nothing new. Cant wait till were all filthy rich and come on here and you guys are gone hiding like the rats you are.
  14. We can use terms however we see fit. If i think XRP is valuable and at .30c a great buy that will go up in value (hence i got it for a great value) who gives a flying F*** what you or any other person says. Weird gate keeping, who is a value investor or not.
  15. This is from june 9th before moneygram was bought by ripple i believe
  16. I can do 1 XRP. I have to clean it up, Frame it and put it back out for sale and make a profit.
  17. I don't know if i'm tripping but i'm pretty sure his all caps posts and F bombs are a little more intense than my replies. But @Tyvole my point was, regret is a useless trait and does nothing to help the situation. Optimists live longer and are generally more successful just so you know.
  18. @Tyvole Just because you have no liquid assets, and are panicking for xrp to go up so you can have your parents rent money next month. Doesn't mean everyone else is in the same situation, regret is a useless trait. Does nothing, yea we could have sold at ath, but what if it skyrocketed and we missed the true moon not $3.80. nobody knew for sure it was going down to .30, but were here now and as i said earlier regret is a useless trait. Its called patience, and were using this opportunity to buy more xrps at a lower price.
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