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  1. This is a long term hold in the grand scheme of things if Ripple and Davids vision comes to fruition we wont be worrying about a measly .10c
  2. Finesse

    I got banned

    Why do people come to xrp chat to complain or bring up the fact theyve been banned. Who cares, can we talk about xrp.
  3. "RECODE : Uncovering and explaining how our digital world is changing — and changing us." This is the interviewers final remarks: "Anyway, I’m not going to be doing any cryptocurrency investing, as I do not do any technology investing." Sounds like she needs a new job
  4. I remember when i was a young lad i asked a manager at blockbuster how he felt about netflix and redbox. I asked him if he thought it would be the end of blockbuster and their expensive movie rentals? He displayed massive hubris and denied any threat to the business. I wonder if he thinks about that question from a kid to this day.
  5. Finesse

    Zerpening Club

    im not even a member and i vote to not let him back in. Dude doesnt think xrp will reach 3.50$ for 5 years. Clearly delusional and salty.
  6. We all know this is speculation i assume. Im waiting for bank fomo, consumer fomo does not interest me, a 20% rise will be nothing in hindsight.
  7. Joel katz grand slammed these bitmex duded on twitter. Just go look, and pay them no mind
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