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  1. Delusional. Libra is going to be a pump and dump of all pump and dumps. Biiiiiiiiiiittttconnnnecccccttttttttttt. Yes this whitepaper that talks about "plans" is going to take over in about 6 years when it actually launches.
  2. I would share his thoughts if I was him, if I’m wealthy I would t put up with condescending passive aggressive “I’m better than you” reply’s either. youre the problem not @nikb despite your narcissism preventing you from realizing it.
  3. Not everyone feels the need especially when wealthy as I would suspect nikb is to put up with bull**** you know you could have been less condescending and passive aggressive, but you expected him to put up with your bull**** like others do in your life. Only difference is he doesn’t owe you anything or care about you at all. hes here to do us a favor and provide his insight.
  4. The last part is for you because i know you like to skim posts for opportunities to take sentences out of context to TRY and show hypocrisy.
  5. What the hell in lower IQ posts that make no coherent sense is this^ I think you are saying something really really dumb inn the sense that because someone controls more xrp they are more valuable in the eco-sytem if that's what you meant, i feel bad for your intelligence level. This is not a proof of stake system. And the point i was making, and nikb himself said. Hes an engineer and loves the coding aspect of this. You dont go to your doctor and ask him about mechanical problems with your car right? You dont ask your attorney about medical symptoms correct? But you want an engineering at ripple to answer market questions lol. Stop being passive aggressive condescending pessimistic people. Yea we get it the markets down, we should show more respect and patience with each other on this sub. Were all here for the same reasons ( minus the fudsters) And yea you can say the beginning of this reply is toxic but sometimes you have to fight fire with fire and ive seen nothing but toxicity coming from a few posters here one bing the one i quoted above.
  6. Good for you, you're still being condescending and passive aggressive with an engineer who helped develop the xrp ledger. And i would rather have him here posting than you being passive aggressive and im more than sure other members of xrp chat would agree with me. 300% thats like not really **** in digital assets anyways considering xrp was up 36,000% at one point.
  7. In my eyes you are a peasant trolling an actual ripple employee and not just any employee but an engineer who has contributed to the ledger. A seriously valuable resource to xrpchat you are pushing away because you are a little sad your bags are down. just exit xrpchat and come back when youre not as pessimistic.
  8. Bro can you stop being an ass to @nikb I understand he is just another person like all of us. Thats what some of you kids dont get in the xrp ecosystem we are all equal, nobody controls others actions. And stop saying RL its not ripple labs anymore its ripple. @nikb Please continue posting here, i value your input. please ignore the trolls content with nothing but passive aggressive insults.
  9. I looked at your post history and it backed up my initial view of you. A joke with nothing of substance to add. and that’s all you’ll ever be. A joke
  10. Yea I’ll be washing my exotic cars for sure. May even let you come check them out.
  11. Have nothing to add, just wanted this to be posted again.
  12. Not everyone can handle investing, it is not for everyone. digital assets have brought in a lot of newer/first time investors. Thats the reason some people need money managers, it takes a strong mindset to take a loss or substantial loss and keep focused on the potential YOU see with your investment. ive been saying whales are keeping the price low for awhile now, galgitron has said this. I’ve even been called a liar on xrpchat about this. My mindset still hasn’t changed despite knowing this. Xrp is still a great buy at a great price with the best progress in the industry real world.
  13. They have said retail investors are not their target audience, as such I would expect their strategy and actions to match up with that. Were just hanging on the whales flippers boys along for the ride lol.
  14. First of all I’m gonna need you to speak or write English I don’t know what the hell that is supposed to say. but I understand easily swayed. and to that I laugh, because I’m clearly pointing out the laughing stock other projects are compared to ripple and xrp.
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