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  1. Dubious at best use of the word fraud. See one thing I don’t like about this market, so many unsophisticated investors or actors. if ripple owned 60 % of the gold or diamonds in the world and influenced the price is that fraud? this only matters with shares because you literally own a piece of that company.
  2. So is this something we’re going to apply to digital assets? Or all across the board with oil, diamonds , gold etc etc? Lol. Your questions are only relevant in securities if you didn’t catch the sarcasm.
  3. Lol no they won’t, they will continue to shiv xrp as they have. Xrp is probably the only community where we have maxis of OTHER communities who commit to trolling on forums for YEARS. I mean wrap your head around that.
  4. You went from casual person genuinely trying to talk about the subject , to full on btc maxi real quick . Lol! Mask off gotta watch those 2 year old accounts with only negative posts or very few in years. xrp has always been a superior coin, faster, cheaper transactions, doesn’t slow down and get more expensive the more popular it gets, can’t be double spent on like btc, and is better for the environment , isn’t mostly controlled by China .. I mean need i go on? when I saw you say “you should listen to” instwad of all that bs, you coulda just saved us all some time and finished it with “a btc maxi that sounds like he knows what he’s talking about “ anyone who understands tech wouldn’t invest in btc
  5. They owe you nothing dude , that’s the f****** point you dunces aren’t getting. they don’t owe use jack s***. They use xrp in their line of business and have a massive amount. That’s it. Look to the courts for an announcement. I shouldn’t even have to say this man, fee like I’m discussing theory and investments with my kids or something.
  6. I don’t know, but even if there wasn’t I would still pursue it. Honestly I’m surprised no attorneys are looking into this. Let’s just say hypothetically , we were all invested in gold. And the sec determined some company who had 60% of the gold was violating the securities act. The sec then sued them impacting the price of gold substantially. you may see this as silly because “we all know gold isn’t a security “ but that’s how I view xrp . To me the sec grossly overstepped their jurisdiction into a new asset class which negatively impacted my portfolio. im not devastated , I’m actually glad I have another opportunity to buy more below .30
  7. Just say you don’t know what you’re doing so you look to others to tell you what to think. It’s much shorter and to the point.
  8. Bro you don’t have to keep switching accounts , and liking your own posts from other accounts. Doesn’t that get tiring? imagine all the money you could have made over the last two years if you had your priorities together instead of being laser focused on trolling random people around the world. lol what a loser
  9. Why do people always need someone to form an analysis for them? and why wouldn’t someone have time to research something they invest real money in? these two questions kept me from clicking the link.
  10. You can sue anyone for anything , you may have grounds if there were damages. xrp price took a hit after sec filed the lawsuit , even exchanged delisting. That caused damages to many xrp investors. The sec did this without first making sure xrp is a security . if xrp is deemed not a security and the sec lawsuit therefore groundless. We may have grounds for a class action against the sec
  11. Wow dude it is you, or you’re just another sad sad peice . You’ve actually been here since atleast June of 2019 just to talk smack about xrp? Do you have any idea how lame that is? Get a life dude Jesus Christ . I feel bad for you. Especially if, you created other alt accounts a couple years ago that you don’t post on till later to seem like you have been a member for awhile . Cause there’s a couple other accounts on here that were opened years ago with no activity until recently , and only negative .
  12. Bro if you can’t master simple English why tf would I EVER trust your opinion with investments?? Lol. im not butt hurt , that’s projection. Clearly you are triggered so much you have to troll an assets forums when you’re a btc maxi. No lifer alert.
  13. That sounds exactly word for word what some loser used to say when I called him out on his pathetic existence because he used to troll xrp chat with a white knight energy like you a couple years ago. that isn’t you is it? You haven’t been here for the last two years trolling xrp chat have you, because I’ve met some pathetic people in my life but dang that’s a new level. im not a lover of xrp you weirdo , I think it’s the best fundamentally and this lawsuit will be thrown out. And I think btc and eth and other pow systems are trash 🤷🏻‍♂️
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