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  1. Not the place for political/religious opinions! (unless ripple is your religion and XRP is your god).....
  2. Ya, I understand the relationship there but thought TRX was its own thing. I’ll run with the bots and whales theory, that makes sense!
  3. Has anyone noticed that TRX and XRP rise and fall at the same time recently. Is there a relationship there or is this placebo...
  4. Hey guys, wish I could figure it out on my own but was hoping to get a new poll that allows you to select your holdings anonymously so that we can see how this shake up is effecting us... Thanks in advance. If not for this forum I would have fallen victim to the fudsters..
  5. I am far from a financial anything (cop/Vet) but I do hold a masters in organizational leadership and have done allot of homework on this company. They are a learning organization with strong leadership, vision, and resourses. During WW2 a Japanese prisoner told a US guard that he knew we would win the war based on the grace and respect he was shown by US soldiers. This is why I think XRP will Win this crypto war and be at over 100 by the summer. Also I really want to retire this year.... at 34
  6. Yep, I’m crawling back in my hole as a silent observer. Love the forum, great info!
  7. Rog, thanks! That poll was just what I was hoping for! And Wizann, no need to be a ****. Allot of us are trying to figure out where we stand here and how much we need to invest.
  8. Taboo topic, sorry ladies/gents. Also, how do you delete a post...lol
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