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  1. Hi Hodor , Thanks for feedback ! FYI Here’s the link regarding identifying recent 450m payment - it states both wallets (sender & receiver) were linked to Chris Larsen ? https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/Ripple/comments/7mwkz9/a_client_bought_450_million_xrp_today/ NB. I’m one of your recent followers - great read ?? I did some digging on the 700m txn you referred to & it seemed to be part of a bigger 1.7b txn done on same day but no ones sure if it’s just moving funds between wallets again. I am guessing if an FI or bank really purchases a huge chunk of XRP then Ripple would consider selling from their 55b escrow as an incentive? & hence at a reduced price ? ( with a lock-in of course). I’m just speculating on this approach though !
  2. Thanks Hodor ? very informative! Wow - those v large purchases are promising. Any way of identifying who ? I think I read an article recently of a 450m txn but that turned out to be Chris Larsen. Regarding the cost savings bit - ranging from 33% up to 60% - do you think XRP can only be used as a bridging asset once XRP value stabilises ?
  3. I agree the big indicator of progress is if XRP is used by their partners as opposed to just their Ripplenet software - the link below of banks going live shows them using Ripplenet only without XRP. Reading thru Ripples official cost model below it projects a 33% cost saving in using Ripplenet for banks & then 42% saving if XRP used and then progressing to a 66% cost saving with a stable low volatile XRP bridging currency. So going back to Essqs original question - is there any way to monitor how much XRP is actually being bought by banks /FIs in Q1 2018 ? & also what incentive price Ripple provides for them to use XRP as their liquidity? not sure if that would be confidential info ? Or publicly available?? i feel that info would be a good measure of XRP take up & hence progress for Ripple ? Or am I mistaken ? https://ripple.com/files/xrp_cost_model_paper.pdf https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-powered-instant-payment-services-now-live-axis-bank-rakbank-standard-chartered/
  4. That’s very interesting Karlos - do you have more recent monthly figures to end 2017 by any chance ? Also, do Ripple publish at what price they release extra ~250m XRP into circulating supply each month ? i am guessing to improve take up they release XRP from escrow each month to FIs or MMs at a reduced or set price ?? coinmktcap shoes 38.739 billion at the mo If XRP really gets adopted by FIs/banks as their bridging asset should we expect a higher amount being released into circulation over the next year ?
  5. #nav just a couple more question please & I have been reading all the FAQs which are v useful. ! the FAQ threads mention that Ripple will incentivise market makers to take XRP and improve their spread. What are the incentives ? Do you sell them a chunk of XRP at a reduced price ? Also, I presume FIs themselves would want to hold a portion of XRP ? If so do you sell them XRP monthly from escrow at reduced price as an incentive ? I can see improving circulation amongst banks , MMs to get XRP widely adopted would be a good thing , so should we expect an increase in amount of XRP sold in next few months as a sign of good progress ? Or is it likely to remain at the 300million/month mark as before ? Apologies if these questions already answered on another thread.
  6. Thanks everyone for your feedback - appreciated ! & useful link & I had actually seen this. Thanks Caligulaz for your thoughts. Will be interesting to see how much of their extra XRP liquidity they sold in December & I presume it will be higher than the average 300m /month of past year. Might also be a very useful indicator of progress for Ripple take up ?
  7. I’m new to this chat & am holding XRP for longer term, & hoping someone can clarify something for me. I’m interested to know if up to 1 billion additional XRP are due to be released from escrow from 1st day of each month for next 54+ months starting Jan 1st - is that correct ? If so, wouldn’t you expect the extra supply of XRP to dilute the price in short term ? Indeed , is that one of the aims of releasing liquidity monthly to lower share price & keep it relatively stable or have I misunderstood the reason ?
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