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  1. My honest opinion (OPINION) is not to use nano for Ripple for now. A lot of people who are trying to transfer funds out of the ledger are having transaction errors, history not showing, and like mine COMPLETELY gone from history with no return. I'm confident that it will be fixed but no real response from Ledger support as to when. If I were you, I would send them to a paper wallet for now if you don't want them sitting on the exchange.
  2. Yep. There's no problem getting the xrp to the nano, its transaction errors for a lot of people. For me its not even syncing
  3. I'm not sure if others are messed up but yes ledger can't handle all of the action xrp is getting from people trying to use the app/ ledger to store coins. I hope this is a quick fix as well a lot of people have money they cant get to for trading. Ledger is dropping the ball
  4. an account to speak to support.
  5. I'm not so sure but this is very disappointing I believe it has something to do with all of the people rolling in. All I know is I tried to get help from the ledger support team and they gave me their *** to kiss and suspended my account! Not professional.
  6. Oh I see. Awesome I'll just have to wait it out hopefully things will get back to normal. It's kind of a nightmare for holding on a nano. Thanks much!
  7. I definitely will thanks for your help!! If this all works out can I send you some xrp? Token(s) of appreciation
  8. I'll give this a try as well.
  9. I updated on the ledger. Should I try to reset all again? I am just spinning the wheels now lol at least I know they aren't lost but I dont understand why I need the app to send funds? Shouldnt I just be able to enter the passphrase and select a dollar amount on an exchange? I have the ripple address. Sorry all the questions I'm just throwing up a bunch of shots in the dark and nothing has been working
  10. Dude that is complete foreign language to me lol I don't know code that well. Hopefully I can create a wallet somewhere, enter the amount and have them transferred to the newly created wallet.
  11. No im using on PC the it may be that I updated the firmware update I'm not sure but that sucks I can't send them anywhere
  12. No I cannot open the balance now and before this happend it would just show 0 XRP no transaction history after refreshing a bunch of times. I tried the things you mentioned above I can see them on bithomp. Do you think I NEED the nano ledger app to send my funds to an exchange or online wallet? I don't want to but nano is seriously out of wack
  13. Well all it says now is it won't sync. I couldn't get ya a screenshot if I tried lol the ledger manager works fine but not the wallet
  14. At first it showed me zero balance for a for a few weeks now. Now it won't even sync but the good new (I guess) is the full balance shows on bithomp. I'm just not sure if they are sitting in limbo and could not access them
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