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  1. Please @enej solve this for me to. I send you a private message. Thans
  2. Thanks guys.. I still got no answer from gatehub. It feels so unfair. I've done nothing wrong. Thought the recoverykey was the most important. But that is secretkey! You can do nothing with your recoverykey if You dont get any email to recover. Secret key is not showing with signing up. You think you have the inportant thing when you write down your recoverykey! When I hear nothing from gatehub this week.. I will go to the office ! I'm so f*cking mad ! I can't agree a big company like gatehub is treathing people like **** !!
  3. Is there anyone who can help me ? I do not get a email when i want to recover my account. Im sure i use the right email adress. It seems gatehub forgot my account. I'm sending emails to gatehub for like 2 weeks and i got no email back. Does anyone know what to do. Thanks
  4. @enej Please help me. Its seems gatehub does not recognize my e-mail adress anymore. I have send alot of email to gatehub but no answer for 2 weeks now. Please i want to trade with my ripple's. Please fix this problem for me ? **REMOVED**
  5. Rick

    Gatehub woes

    I hope Gatehub can sent me a link to log-in... I don't get a email to recover my account. And still no respond to all of my emails. Gatehub come onnnnnn !
  6. Hi guys. Same problem here, I couldn't login after my girlfriend logged in with her account. I tried the hole day but it said: wrong password. Im sure i used the right password because i wrote my password en recovery key on a piece of paper. The next day I tried to make a new account with the same email adress what was possible. Realy strange. Then i tried my recoverykey but i didn''t work. The i deleted the second account and wallet adres what i made wit my email.. And then gatehub does not send me an email when i tried to recover it my recoverkey. Send alot of email last days but im affraid i have to wait along time for a reply. I send them my wallet adres, all the information like passport and bankaccount, what I uploaded whit signing in. I've surged on my wallet adress on internet and al my ripples al still there !. y With signing up the say the recoverykey is really important, but i can not use it.. THE MOST IMPORTANT IS YOUR SECRET KEY !!!!! You can import your ripples to other website without be dependent of gatehub ! I can logg in to the support page with my account and then i see my Account name that i used by signing up. e Gatehub please help people who have the recoverykey but have problems with loggin ! KIND REGARDS, Rick Kuit
  7. Rick

    Gatehub woes

    luvxrp.. i've you solved the problem let me know how you've done this. I think only gatehub can solve it. They have all my documents and i send alot of emails with the same documents. So they know i''m not a hacker or something. Still waiting for reply from gatehub. Im so worried i lost all of my xrp.. This is not my fault. I think there is a bug in the system ! Gatehub help us please ! KInd regards Rick Kuit
  8. Rick

    Gatehub woes

    please gatehub ? I send you alot of email. Gatehub doesn't reconise my email adress so i can't use my recoverykey. I was just a beginner and didn't save my secret key yet. I want to recover with recovery link but i don't get an email. Please someone help me !
  9. Rick

    Gatehub woes

    Same problem. Im worried to. Don't get a email and only have recoverykey. Send a message in support page but still no reply. I want to change my email and password on the page what is possible. But i'm affraid to cause more problems. Please help us! Kind regards Rick
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