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  1. I love this idea! There is another coin that sells your computer's excess physical hard disk space as well, if I'm not mistaken. I posted a piece about it a long time ago, but I've forgotten the name....
  2. Both of these statements imply that Ripple (The company) should grovel at the feet of the cryptocurrency community for validation of the legitimacy of their technology and revolutionary ideas for moving money. I disagree. And I disagree with both of those statements above - I believe they are not accurate. I like your idea of having non-profits and non-governmental organizations use RCL, however - I'm always open to new ideas for RCL usage (and its corresponding increase in liquidity on the network) Unfortunately, your idea is clouded with statements that I believe create fear, uncertainty and doubt. Ripple - the company - should continue un-deterred in their course to support banking infrastructure usage of RCL - and ILP.
  3. Yikes. Way to not put too much pressure on the project team.
  4. I've never heard of this subtoken - what is the use case for Golem?
  5. I agree with their prediction about 2017. Look for real adoption of use cases at a much greater level than 2016.
  6. I just hate it when Apple, Google, and Ripple are mentioned in the same sentence. It brings Ripple down to their level.
  7. http://www.nasdaq.com/article/the-fourth-industrial-revolution-blockchain-tech-and-the-integration-of-trust-cm749337 2017 may be the year that our tech goes mainstream across the board. I think this is the year....
  8. http://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2017/02/16/how-blockchain-will-evolve-in-2017/#1e6f69de4963 I like it that it's Forbes, but some of these ideas were put forward in articles last year - a little borrowed and stale.
  9. Coverage is "rippling" around the news cycle on the Bitgo wallet: http://www.financemagnates.com/cryptocurrency/news/bitgo-develop-secure-enterprise-wallet-ripples-xrp/ https://coins.newbium.com/post/6872-ripple-cooperation-with-bitgo-in-developing-wallet https://1israelnews.com/bitgo-to-develop-secure-enterprise-wallet-for-ripples-xrp/
  10. This was on the first page of Google news feed today at mid-day here in the U.S. Not bad publicity!
  11. I agree with both of you! I'm guessing Miguel is referring to how responsive Coinbase is to securing customer's hot/cold wallets with 2F / GA, and making it easy (er) to convert USD to crytpo. You're talking about the demand for other alt coins including XRP. Your point tends to be more subject to behind-the-scenes deals and investment decisions by the power players. I have no doubt that XRP status is rising rapidly now in the mind-space of crypto, despite the unit price.
  12. I have to agree, against my preference. I think this thread shows the maturity of the community here - from Karlos's response and then each measured and logical response from Ripple.
  13. It's almost not fair that Ripple has these two on the payroll; Makes their competition look like underdogs.