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  1. Well, when you say it like that....
  2. Always! New one is tomorrow ... hopefully - my other 9-5 job is keeping me busy this week...
  3. It's XRP Jesus! And he's got sunglasses. So many things to like here.... I've got to ask: "How much XRP would Jesus buy?"
  4. No apology necessary @Mercury thank you very much for the research you've put into reviewing the Federal Reserve's Faster Payments Task Force entries and the end-result scores! I think XRPChat is lucky to benefit from this analysis and I have it on my list to more thoroughly review the scoring metrics as well. I agree - fraud monitoring is not difficult for those consumers using the solution. It should really fall on them, not on Ripple just because they happened to be the creators of the XRP Ledger. It's like holding the Bitcoin Core devs responsible for fraud investigations of everybody that uses Bitcoin....
  5. https://blockchain.works-hub.com/blog/XRP-We-Will-Persuade-the-Masses- I guess they were impressed by this one, but I'll remind them that they can reprint my other ones as well. FYI - all of my entries can be found if you just copy/paste this generic blog address: https://xrphodor.wordpress.com/ Basically, scroll down to go backwards in time!
  6. The great irony is the headlines versus the recommendation from MIT. MIT basically said the software was fine, but that users / wallet users needed to manage trust settings more carefully. So basically "we think your network's users need to understand your software better" which is a fair statement, but doesn't really point to any inherent weakness in the code!
  7. I'll defer to @Mercury on this one - he's scanned the other responses better than me - I've read McKinsey's feedback on Ripple's value proposition for cross-border payments, and that was very nice.
  8. Spreading the Word

    Thank you!
  9. The way that Brad G. described all of these phone apps is that they are built on "existing plumbing." That means SWIFT banking. Some small numbers of bank consortiums use parlor tricks to transfer money quickly for their phone apps, but to really change the worldwide network, the plumbing has to be addressed... that's where Ripple tech comes into play along with XRP.
  10. Native XRP Ledger for cross-border, and Payment Channels for domestic? XRP Ledger could handle all in theory.
  11. The XRP Ledger can still be used for messaging and ILP "xCurrent" without XRP being used; that being said, Ripple's submission to the Faster Payments Task Force described the use of their digital asset for cross-border value transfer. Ripple's submission: https://fasterpaymentstaskforce.org/wp-content/uploads/ripple-vs.pdf
  12. The strange thing about the report and its wrap-up "live stream" (I say that in quotes because it seemed very staged for a live broadcast) is that Rodriguez said something about "letting the market decide" what solution works best. I think it was more a nod to the current President's preferences for free market dynamics rather than a proscribed government solution. I was looking for a bit more leadership, as I think a strong Ripple recommendation would have been the responsible thing to do.
  13. SBI has communicated that they look at the XRP Ledger as being used for domestic payments as well as international transfers of value.
  14. https://letstalkpayments.com/interview-with-sean-rodriguez-federal-reserve-system/?utm_content=buffer0d77b&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer Saw a recent tweet about this interview in its connection to Ripple: (https://twitter.com/ErikvanDijk/status/897799447526203393) Thought others might want to take a read and tell me if they also think "Ripple" is all over this conversation without actually being named.... Maybe I'm wearing my Ripple-colored glasses this morning!