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  1. Hodor

    remittance flows worldwide

    Bookmarked for later - I've seen other remittance stats by Pew, but I'm not sure if I've seen that one. And you are spot on IMO - it directly illustrates why Ripple is targeting the countries it is; their focus is squarely on the large remittance market corridors:
  2. This is nonsense from somebody motivated to throw shade on my blogging efforts - for whatever reason. 1) No comments about anything specific in my blog 2) No supporting points 3) Just insinuations which are impossible to disprove because they are generalizations. Note that I've written over 130 blogs, and you're supposed to believe this gentleman read every one before making the conclusion that I "concentrate solely on the FOMO".
  3. I'm honestly not sure how active he is with Polysign, but my guess is that his Ripple CTO duties will now take precedence over everything else. I was one of the respondents on his AMA announcement tweet that asked him about that concern: He addressed it head-on in his AMA yesterday (@5:15):
  4. Ahhh I just looked at your post history. Looks like he's not the only one trying to use my blog announcement to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt. Why don't you spend your time gaslighting an easier target.
  5. I'll give a two-part answer: 1) The validator decentralization plan was created in early 2017, far earlier than when the SEC question was even seriously being considered by anybody in the crypto market IMO. So no, I don't think that activity is related, but it is good that it was coincidental IMO. 2) The naming / rebranding is probably related IMO to concerns about potential confusion between the cryptocurrency and the name of the company. Even though any confusion about it could easily have been addressed by the most basic of Googling, the SEC is charged with protecting investors - no matter how unwise or ignorant they might be. Because of this, I think Ripple is taking preventative action for later, which I think was a good step. About #2: I also support it because as an investor in XRP, I'd like for the ecosystem to gain more diversity of businesses and individuals that are stakeholders, beyond just owners of the digital asset. We're starting to see businesses invest in building software on XRP, such as Secure Block Chains and Coil. And of course the XRP development community is now extending to include numerous new Codius devs working on Dapps and smart contracts. To support this trend towards a greater diversity of stakeholder businesses and individuals in XRP, I think it was a good step that we opted to support the creation of our own symbol.
  6. It was an interesting new role for David Schwartz. And yes - he is more than up to the task. My only concern was that he might actually get bored by it, since he is fantastic at solving some of the most complex design issues that plagued other cryptographic networks. I actually asked him about that in the tweet, so we'll see if he responds in today's AMA! Thanks for the feedback.
  7. It's quite eye-catching. The photographer has an eye for dramatic compositions - he made that one available for free on unsplash: https://unsplash.com/@wflwong?utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=photographer-credit&utm_content=creditBadge
  8. Exactly! It's a tried-and-true marketing strategy employed by almost all of the Silicon Valley giants - sign them up and prove your mettle correctly, and that customer may just use other products as well. It boggles my mind how some people in crypto still don't see the benefit of signing up hundreds of banks with xCurrent first. If that's what banks are comfortable with, then game on; it builds out the RippleNet network that much faster. Thanks for the comment.
  9. Somebody on Twitter created their own XRP song not too long ago.... Let me see if I have the link somewhere:
  10. I didn't even make it through your first sentence before identifying something completely false. It's not even close to possible to "mimic" progress from a Silicon Valley company that has over 200 employees and has been in operation since 2012 and has offices on almost every continent. You just don't 'mimic' something like that. If you're goal is to use my thread to make some sort of negative point, can you please refrain and create your own thread. Again, I would politely ask that you create your own thread as this is a completely separate topic than what's covered in my blog. I think you're just posting in my thread to create a larger platform for your point. For others that think I'm avoiding this topic, I'm not; I just don't want my blog announcement to get too far off topic. Here's a much more positive and realistic take on Amex as one of Ripple's customers: