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  1. 4:54 "We are not doing POCs....we are well past it!" Dilip hammers this point.
  2. Amazon has a lot of experience with international payments and remittance! The resources are probably there to use Ripple tech on the back-end for ForEx payments, and Amazon has shown a propensity for "going vertical" in their supply chain - they have their own trucks now, and have been looking at trying out drone delivery. I would think that might also apply to integrating with Ripple and using XRP for international payments, if they see it helping them to reduce margins underneath competitors' prices.
  3. There might be a different ending to that "Choose your own Adventure" if Amazon chooses to integrate XRP! IMO, Once XRP reaches a much more connected state with banks, then a lot of use cases that were previously set aside suddenly become very viable and convenient options.
  4. Here's one of the many official statements from Ripple : https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-to-place-55-billion-xrp-in-escrow-to-ensure-certainty-into-total-xrp-supply/
  5. Red all across the board today, but ETH is clearly leading the charge downwards... I notice this original post was made 3 days ago... not sure if it's directly correlated?
  6. I don't think the lockup was planned all along. I think Ripple knew generally that their business model would necessarily go through several key phases of change to realize their vision, however, and one of those phases is to methodically increase liquidity. To do this, they need very active trading. To get very active trading, they need the price to appreciate. To help the price climb, they needed to do the lockup... etc... it flows logically from how I see it, and that logic has definitely been good enough for me to place my bets on XRP to transform payments.
  7. The "rate of growth" that was projected based on May's numbers was not sustainable. Note that I didn't just "make this up," I used the actual May numbers to project into June, which is how I arrived at the $1 estimate. In hindsight , I underestimated one of the variables in market capitalization and overestimated the other one. There are two variables that most directly affect coin market capitalization, other than the core calculation variables of price and outstanding tokens: Money inflow into the market Ascribed value of the item being traded by all parties While I think #1 remains strong, #2 is impacted by other variables such as the attention that the ICOs are sucking away from XRP. I think based on some of these ICOs and other competition, XRP did not receive the attention from the market that it needed. I think this trend is starting to ebb, however, and most investors with a modicum of rational thought are smart enough to judge XRP based on objective criteria against its competitors. ICOs have been receiving some bad press lately, and hopefully that means more investors seeking to put their money on a proven technology that is currently being used by banks (XRP), instead of technology which is continually in a "wait-and-see" stage of adoption. On a separate note, now that we have some much more sobering June numbers, it will be interesting to see where these numbers point to...
  8. @Dsimmo thanks for linking - I had no idea that fees had "gone parabolic" on bitcoin. That's not the price that users and investors are looking to "go parabolic"...
  9. @nvok Thanks for the link - the 200 employees reference is what I'll regard as the most recent then, since JoelKatz edited the comment 1 day ago!
  10. You are correct! Wow. I just looked at their team member list, here: https://tokenmarket.net/blockchain/blockchain/assets/rialto-ai/ Interesting... here is the concept:
  11. I agree... I'm actually shocked that none of them (the existing set of ICOs that have only been done on Ethereum) have tried using the RCL for this purpose yet.
  12. Nice work! The fact that an XRP fan started this should turn some heads. Should!
  13. This is kind of what concerns me. But we've already seen that inherent functionality of a network is not what they will go after. They will have to go after individuals and the exchanges that transfer to fiat. Going after the inherent functions (and possibilities) of how an entire network can be used just seems too messy and problematic. I foresee some more time before the authorities step in. Can you imagine how those meetings with the consultants and regulators are going, with whiteboard sessions as they attempt how to explain signed transactions and wallet transfers? I wonder which consultant outfit has that assignment...
  14. I was thinking of doing a follow-up on this item, actually. It has some promise, certainly, but I'm on the fence as to the long-term affect on the RCL of being associated with them... but the short term price boosts to Ethereum have certainly been impressive!
  15. @pedrorechez I am reading through the first pdf... I noticed a startling similarity to the offerings that Ripple is doing with the RCL, and what is described here. It seems that Ripple has opted to "go after" the micropayments market as a complement to their credit network? I will read through both! Thank you for dropping those two PDFs into the discussion!