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  1. I think this has something to do with micropayments? It ties in with a recent class they gave on it to a women's business group a couple weeks ago.
  2. My understanding is that MMs can deal with high volatility if they can cycle back in and out quickly. They can make a ton of money (at least on Wall Street). But there again, it's dependent on the speed with which they can execute, and the spreads, as @Eik mentioned. Traders will make huge profits during high volatility using technical analysis (if they're good). There are going to be periods of correction with the price of XRP coming up. Very significant corrections upwards. During that time, volume is going to go through the roof anyway, so in terms of liquidity and risk can be managed by options and other instruments.
  3. More coverage and clarification this morning: https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/japan-banks-blockchain-digital-currencies/ Seems like every ten minutes there's a major announcement. Exciting times!
  4. The news is hitting the wire literally faster than I can absorb it all. It is incredibly satisfying to see all these progress reports accurately reported by the mainstream press in addition to the industry publications.
  5. The advent of blockchain and DLT technology is awe-inspiring. In 2013 I read the whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto where he describes the concept in a concise summary, and I was immediately impressed with the trans-formative concept of digital money that could somehow be made secure and free of borders. Bitcoin was the first, but I also knew it was flawed. Something about the inefficient concept of "mining" to validate transactions bothered me, even though it offered an archaic method of confirming transactions. I knew that a better token could be created. And then I learned about XRP...
  6. And this is just based on the mathematics of usage. I would add that, in my opinion, the overwhelming force of speculation is going to drive very high demand in the short term, well ahead of schedule.
  7. @Roborovskii thanks for sharing - the announcements of actual production systems are happening at an increasing rate with Ripple. They are leading the pack by a very wide margin in terms of advanced applications of DLT for real-world use cases. We all knew the SBI alliance was going to be big - looks like hard word does pay off! Congratulations to Ripple and SBI Ripple Asia.
  8. Ripple is handling themselves professionally and perfectly in this respect. If there are rational criticisms presented in a way that affords a clarification that will lead to greater understanding, then they ordinarily do so, even when some of the posters are dripping with sarcasm and obviously have some other agenda. You should ask a serious question of your own: Do you honestly think Ripple should stop what they're doing, log into this forum, and try to address the topics arising from a clownish, sarcastic video whose sole aim is to discredit them? Or should we ask readers who are concerned to leaf through the seven pages of analysis that have already been done prior to April 1, and decide for themselves what the real motivation behind the video is? Ripple (the company) is focused on future customers when it comes to sales - and they are doing just fine without responding to trolling forum posts or youtube videos made by their competitors.
  9. If it was me, I'd just send XRP directly as a store of value, and them instruct them on how to convert it on the other end - I am a crypto currency enthusiast.
  10. Writing it in all-caps and bold doesn't make it "more true". I completely disagree. If Ripple (the company) stopped to try to address every trolling post from their competitors, that's all they would be doing. There's a lot of motivation from competitors and also banks that don't want to give up correspondence banking, and from SWIFT. Not to mention the die-hard bitcoinists that created entire web sites devoted to defaming Ripple in 2013. Nope - I think Ripple is doing the right thing by keeping very, very far away from this video and any other trolling posts that are obviously defamatory. And they're not having any trouble selling - look at the banks that have adopted it, and also the latest news on this forum, and you'll see for yourself.
  11. They are stalling...
  12. So if I'm sending money to my family in Argentina, which has NOTHING to do with illegal immigration from Mexico, I have to pay a surcharge on the wire fees? My prediction: Watch the wiring of money stop, and the using of mobile apps begin. Of course, I'd love to see people using a mobile application that in turn uses Ripple to transfer their money.
  13. Good analysis, but we know that eventually they will have no choice. In addition, if the IMF is pushing from behind, that will significantly speed things up. The powers behind the IMF have "ways" to motivate any bank not getting into line with more efficient global commerce.
  14. Nice research! When I come across an article in Japanese and put it through Google translate, the result is sometimes not completely understandable. I rely on our Japanese speaking forum members for most of their take on all things in the Asian market. Speaking of which: It seems like the latest price increases in XRP have been spurred by investment from here in the West, correct? Why is there not an Asian version of Poloniex out there? Or maybe there is?