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  1. In my original survey, I mistakenly included some Exchange-based wallets. I'm interested in what our community would recommend for the best "local" wallet for users - whether its connected to the Internet or no (hot or cold wallet I don't really care). I've taken the top three LOCAL wallet choices from the other survey and placed them here. Thanks for your input!
  2. Other Ripple/XRP Forums?

    Well in case people were looking at the list you were compiling. It can be called an official list if you like. I included lists of potential resources broken down by short/long-term traders in one of my blogs: https://xrphodor.wordpress.com/2017/08/30/xrp-community-updates-for-the-crypto-investor/
  3. Other Ripple/XRP Forums?

    My bad - I know that you are already there - I only had one cup of coffee before posting that reply! Mainly I wanted to make sure twitter was on any official list of sources
  4. I guess since Gatehub and a couple other online options were listed, I should have included some exchanges with wallets as well; I had a different poll for "recommended exchange for new XRP users".
  5. This is a fantastic idea that would add significant value to new users (and veteran users come to think of it)
  6. And.... the platform is java! (my favorite programming language)
  7. Other Ripple/XRP Forums?

    I'd probably add twitter and Discord to the list. For twitter, you'll need to "follow" your own set of accounts. I notice Ripple uses twitter for a lot of their announcements for some reason; it seems to be their favorite medium other than their official website. Their account is: https://twitter.com/Ripple Also Brad tweets news items and responses sometimes independent from the official Ripple twitter account, so I recommend following his account. Discord is basically the concept of the "zerpbox" from here on XRPChat, but supercharged with the native Discord functionality. It operates by invitation only. You can see if this invite will work for you: https://discord.gg/4NmTrj2
  8. Agree - somebody immediately commented that a "tsunami usually is very destructive."
  9. I honestly don't have an answer for why two of the three keynotes can't be shown - I think someobody on twitter said that the keynoters were given an option to livestream or not, and two of the three opted not to for some reason? But that's unsubstantiated. Regardless, I agree it was a let-down not to see Ben Bernanke's livestream; my hope is that the recording will eventually be placed on youtube. Let's focus on lobbying for that if possible? I think it would necessitate Ripple purchasing the rights - not sure, once again... On a most positive note; I've been very pleased at the quality of the livestream so far from the sessions - no technical issues so far other than the volume of speakers going up and down wildly. But that just means I turn the volume down or up!
  10. Another survey! This time I'm wondering what wallet that you'd recommend for XRP newbie investors. I'm just listing them off alphabetically with no other context, since I'm not sure how else to go about this. I don't know if there have been any security issues with any of these either, so if you're aware of any, please vote first and then leave a comment below. Basically I'm just wondering what the community consensus is for what we recommend to "newbie" XRP investors. Thank you!
  11. Greetings! I'm hoping to collect some information on what exchange people here on XRPChat recommend for newbie XRP investors. There are currently 33 exchanges, but I list off 17 choices in the poll that are considered higher-volume.
  12. Some here were waiting for announcements... Ripple has not disappointed - a partnership with "the foundation" is massive news.
  13. A day to remember...

    Wow... hurricane Ophelia is no joke. I didn't even know hurricanes could reach that far north: https://youtu.be/VlwOSN9M3BQ Good luck to you @Niall hope you come through it unscathed and entertained from SWELL!
  14. No worries - just hoping it wasn't one of my links!