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  1. An update on Ripple's XRP escrow

    @JoelKatz @nikb Thanks for the transparency about this topic!
  2. An update on Ripple's XRP escrow

    @Khaleesi Thanks for giving him a heads-up!
  3. XRP: Momentum Building

    Thank you sincerely. I learned by the example that @JoelKatz set on various forums. No matter who baits or trolls him, he answers rationally and incisively, calm as glass.
  4. XRP: Momentum Building

    Excellent idea to run those again after the latest rally and sustained new volume levels. I'm not the one who creates it, though - it's @TB73 as far as I know. Or one of his com-padres on Discord. https://discord.gg/4NmTrj2
  5. I love this rumor, but I an neither Brad Garlinghouse, nor Kristian Nairn. Although someday I've got to meet Christian Nairn!
  6. XRP: Momentum Building

    You were the contrarian investor then. Now you're one of the initial adopters. Congratulations!
  7. XRP: Momentum Building

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays back to you as well, @rohanneal! Hopefully all of has a little more zerp to shop with this holiday season.
  8. XRP: Momentum Building

    If they're not intentionally misleading, dissenting voices can be beneficial in crypto. He certainly helped me sharpen my debate skills.
  9. XRP: Momentum Building

    I totally missed him leaving. I'll have to read through the thread.
  10. XRP: Momentum Building

    At the end. I didn't put it on the timeline because it's external to what Ripple is doing. But it is about XRP... I don't know - maybe I should have put it on the timeline.
  11. XRP: Momentum Building

    Thanks for reading. I just got off the phone with a friend of mine - he indicated that somebody he works with is asking him about crypto now. Word and FOMO is starting to get out to very mainstream investors and the "common man" so to speak. This is a sign that the entire market is about to see the entry of massive amounts of investment in 2018. And I don't think we've even really seen appreciable hedge fund investment. 2018 is looking very nice indeed! FYI - an investment banker just responded to me on twitter:
  12. Thanks for posting - but just a quick note on the title - He's president of SBI Ripple Asia, not "SBI Holding" or "SBI Group" That's a higher level person named "Yoshitaka Kitao"
  13. XRP: Momentum Building

    I've told Mrs. Hodor before "Posting on an 'up' day is always better" and that's a very true statement. Everybody is a great mood this morning!