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  1. Banking is almost as bad as the public sector. They wait for other banks to do something, even if their market share is disappearing right out from beneath them... Look at the old-school sales tactics for "new accounts" that Wells Fargo got in trouble with. If they'd spent just a fraction of that effort on integrations with fintech firms like Ripple, they'd be miles ahead of the competition.
  2. Miguel is my hero!
  3. http://www.banking.com/2017/01/17/3-key-fintech-predictions-2017/#.WH4GUFwadPY All signs point to RCL & ILP...
  4. http://www.cnbc.com/2017/01/17/deutsche-banks-ceo-says-technology-will-be-the-key-to-banking-in-the-next-five-years.html
  5. http://thenationonlineng.net/cryptocurrency-next-wealth-creation-frontier/
  6. https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/can-cryptocoins-environmentally-friendly/ The article centers around a new alt coin ("Burstcoin"), but I couldn't help but think they are really late to the game. Ripple was the first to have a no-mining approach.
  7. Thanks for digging this up, @nur ! That was an interesting moment in XRP history. I wonder what the absolute record-low was for XRP? Somebody said it was trading at .004 for a few minutes back in 2014. I kind of remember that time period, but at that time I wasn't "in" like I am now, so I was only casually monitoring the price charts.
  8. Agreed - the better part of me wants to believe, and take a "wait and see" approach! Exciting to see a new community-sponsored site pop up. It really must be happening!
  9. I'm sticking with Karlos's site. It was born from the ashes of the last site, and he's done a fantastic job managing the forum. However, there's no harm in somebody building something new and giving away XRP.... I guess. My question: are you really a brand new poster here, or did you feel safer using a new identity with this announcement? I'm not faulting you for this decision, but some people are going to be skeptical given what happened on XRPtalk long ago. They might wonder if you're Hurukan - or whatever his moniker was. And I admit, those some people might include me.
  10. You have a point - I have to live up to my own words. My apologies. You have some good points, and I welcome your input. As an addition, I'd ask you to keep things a big more fairly stated in your criticisms. I think Ripple (the company) has been unfairly held to unbelievably high standards as compared to other companies and actors in the crypto space. And yet they continue to lead from the front in every category. In some cases they may not meet our desired time frames, but I believe that acting carefully and thoughtfully is actually a wise trait for them at this point. There is a lot to lose from one mistake.
  11. How did you arrive at this conclusion? I've never objected to an open, sometimes aggressive discussion of topics. But tone matters. I stood on the sidelines on the previous forum and watched its owner continually pollute the forum with his own negative rants. I won't stand by idly again, and I certainly won't be shamed into silence.
  12. Any reader that doubts this just has to read your post right after Joel Katz post for themselves. Or some of your previous, speculative posts. I'm a complete Ripple fanboy, and everybody knows that, and I'm up front about it.
  13. This coming from you is absolutely laughable...
  14. Ran out of steam, huh? Are you frustrated that XRP and Ripple are obviously now the preeminent Crypto-fintech organization in the world?
  15. Yep. With any software, even decentralized software like blockchain miners or validators, there still has to be a governance organization that is by definition centralized, to maintain it. It doesn't change the nature of the decentralization of the running parts, however. Very well-said.