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  1. Not much is lost on you guys... keep up the fantastic progress!
  2. Agreed - I hadn't even considered this - but you've got to wonder where all the liquidated proceeds are going, right? Some part must be a safer investment like XRP.
  3. He could diversify and keep the XRP support going for an extended time frame. Win-win!
  4. A few links covering the price increase. ...And a youtube video of a guy in a parking lot talking about his cryptocurrency investments. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1841631.0 http://www.coindesk.com/ripple-prices-surge-4-month-high/ http://allcoinsnews.com/2017/03/24/ripple-market-report-xrpbtc-sets-monthly-high/
  5. Welcome to the forum @Sir Galahad!
  6. Welcome to the forum, @sourcapo
  7. Welcome @Born2beKing
  8. I didn't know he had a Ripple Wallet. Something tells me they weren't worth 8k when he ran some of his experiments. Even a millionaire can find a use for 8k.
  9. I noticed their payment volume has shot up now as well. I think speculation ahead of some of these announcements is being "built into" the price. Nice to see XRP finally receive some love - although I get the feeling that this love is still solely from the crypto community. Can you imagine what will happen when XRP can be purchased directly on a securities exchange like SBI or in other markets?
  10. @cmbartley Agreed CM, but you can't deny it's entertaining!
  11. You took my words.... I almost dismiss the 4-day jumps when they happen, but it looks like trading volume is way up for some reason ... at least for USD IOUs. @NegativeXRP thanks for rebooting the thread two weeks later - entertaining to see some posts from March 10.
  12. One thing I don't like is Gartner's use of a vague term like "business value". Not sure if this means savings for business, or the growth of new industries and business. Later in the article, they talk about business "savings", which muddies the water even more. It's all good news, but I wish the reporter would define those terms a bit better.
  13. It said it relied on Klout score among other things. So, looking at Klout's algorithm is not straightforward, but here's what it says: https://klout.com/corp/score
  14. I'm amazed that the price of BTC isn't falling faster. I think it will break through the 1K floor today.