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  1. Hi guys, Maybe a bit of topic here, but i have added the amount of flare tokens on my coinstats app (iphone) and today the price went from 1.9$ to 2.7$. I know that price is only based on a supply of 450k flare tokens. And on livecoinwatch the price went to 2.45$. Story short, does anybody know what kind of price to expect when Flare goes live? I mean I get a nice stack and it would make for an awesome summer P.S> XRP to the frking moon love the action today
  2. Thanks mate just did it and damn, if those FLR tokens are gonna be 0.50$ I am eating my shoe
  3. how do i get these FLR tokens i have XRP's on my ledger nano s since 2017
  4. peeked the 0.5$ and I can see the effect of all the 0.5$ sell orders... still exciting day hoping for a better future after the case....
  5. Ah thanks for the “normal” reply instead of some people. 😀👍🏽
  6. anybody with some background or feedback on this? https://dailyhodl.com/2020/12/07/potential-flaw-in-ripples-deal-with-co-founder-could-have-negative-impact-on-price-of-xrp-says-crypto-researcher/ "McCaleb owns over 3.8 billion XRP and it appears that he’s accelerating the rate at which he sells his crypto assets for cash. According to the settlement agreement that he made with the payments firm in 2016, the former Ripple executive can now sell up to 1% of the average daily volume of XRP for each day of the week, including weekends and holidays. After the fourth year of the agreement is over, McCaleb will be able to sell as much as 1.5% of the average daily volume."
  7. It's been a long time since I visited this place. I always used to comer here and read and try to get information from you guys on the forum. And yes I was also here with the rally in 2017 when everybody was seeing there self rich already. But last week I came back to this place because I feel something ground breaking is about to happen. I don't have any real evidence to provide to you all other than the fact to share this positive energy with u guys. But I think this is just the tip of what XRP is capable to do. I just wanted to post something and I hope we'll see a steady 1$ in the beginning of next year! Have a great week and HODL guys freaking HODL!
  8. https://dailyhodl.com/2019/03/25/ripple-backed-forte-says-40-developers-exploring-xrp-in-43-billion-industry/ Any thoughts about this ladies and gentleman? "On March 12th, Ripple and Forte revealed they will jointly invest $100 million in companies that make games based on blockchain technology and leverage XRP as a settlement currency. In a new interview with Modern Consensus, Forte co-founder and COO Kent Wakeford says it’s already in active discussions with more than 40 developers after attending the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. “Response has been strong. This has been an incredibly successful GDC for us. We met with over 40 game developers and are in active discussions to deploy the $100 million fund. We’re looking at existing games with existing items and existing audiences over 50,000 registered users.” Wakeford says its platform is designed to let gamers buy and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs) using XRP to settle transactions. It will also leverage the Interledger Protocol, which is designed to connect blockchains and route payments across different digital ledgers. Forte is open to working with any developer building on blockchain, including the leading smart contract platforms Ethereum, EOS and Tron."
  9. “Western Union is ready today to adopt any kind of currency. We already operate with 130 currencies. If we one day feel like it’s the right strategy to introduce cryptocurrencies to our platform, technology-wise it’s just one more currency. I think cryptocurrency may become one more option of currency, or assets, around the globe to be exchanged between people and businesses. If that happens, we will be ready to launch.” https://dailyhodl.com/2018/12/18/western-union-says-its-ready-for-crypto-tests-with-ripple-and-xrp-based-xrapid/
  10. "Back in June, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said he expects “dozens” of banks will implement xRapid by the end of 2019. “I think as we do things that enhance the utility of XRP, we’ll continue to see that ecosystem grow and be healthier and healthier. I’ve publicly stated by the end of this year I have every confidence that major banks will use xRapid as a liquidity tool by the end of this year. By the end of next year, I would certainly hope that we would see an order of magnitude – dozens.” Also in June, Western Union announced that its pilot of xRapid did not save the company time or money. In response, Ripple said the results show smaller financial institutions and startups are more likely to initially see significant savings with the technology." Any opinions fellow HODL's Artikel: https://dailyhodl.com/2018/11/27/ripple-upgrades-american-express-and-santander-offering-new-access-to-xrp-powered-xrapid/
  11. I just hold all my xrp on the nano ledger s, also the xrp from my friends and family. when time comes i will let them make a wallet and send the xrp from the nano s to his/her wallet.
  12. only have 2 things to comment -HODL and eh.... -HODL
  13. as dutchie i totally ******* get this and after the moneygram news im ******* blij als een framboos
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