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  1. I have not claimed them yet, do I have to? Edit: Used Exodus to register my address.
  2. This is the only statistic keeping me from selling all my zerps. The number is 8743 for 200000 xrps today. I guess many people are accumulating XRP now.
  3. That's another pill of hopium, it's been 3 years and counting.
  4. The only positive indicator I see, as an investor is that, I regularly check my standing on https://ledger.exposed/rich-index My standing ( top 0.5% - 1% ) is constantly dropping.
  5. $XRP will probably never moon. I think the adoption will never change. I think it is better that everybody accepts this sooner rather than later, like me. Hopium is a bad drug.
  6. $18 now. It is just crazy that I sold my ADA for XRP because I believed in it so much. This is a learning experience for me, it allowed me to make better decisions in Stock Market. However, I would have over $2m, if had held $link instead of $xrp, so it 's a bitter lesson.
  7. $16 now guys. If this was $XRP price, I would have retired
  8. Nope, for years, it 's been "keep dreaming" for us, XRP hodlers
  9. Chainlink is doing what we have been waiting for :( who made this switch?
  10. If you ask me, Ripple should be getting partners like Transferwise and Square.
  11. Thanks for the clarification. I remember people saying Corda Settler will be using XRP and all transfers on Coda will use the Settler.
  12. Related to this news article (in Turkish) https://webrazzi.com/2020/06/03/is-bankasi-blockchain-teknolojisiyle-dis-ticarette-odeme-garantisi-sunuyor/ Türk İş bankası ( established in 1924 ) has made the first transfer with Commerzbank using the Marco Polo Platform, using Corda.
  13. As long as they use it to expand and invest in the liquidity of XRP, I am game.
  14. I expect the volume to go up, but it hardly does Seeing BCH and LTC with more volume is disappointing.
  15. It is slowly increasing on a logarithmic scale:
  16. I wonder if Coinbase PRO users will short/sell $XRP to bottom.
  17. https://www.bloomberght.com/finansal-teknoloji/video/blockchain-ile-para-transferi-ingiltereden-sonra-abd-ve-ispanya-ile-olacak/62026 "Customers does not care if the transfer is called SWIFT or something else, they want simple and fast." " Our biggest investments will be on making transfers simpler and faster."
  18. The fud will continue as long as XRP price stays stagnant. When it reaches the ATH and stays there, the fud will disappear as they will start blaming eachother for not investing in XRP.
  19. He’s man child who throws tantrums when he does not get his way.
  20. That wallet is quite active. Great volume if you ask me.
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