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  1. Why doesn't Ripple just turn off all their nodes right now and go on a vacation as a firm? XRP would continue trading and settle the security issue? Then we can move on to the criminal charges agains CL and BGH, but imho, that would clear XRP for the rest of us.
  2. Yeah, I'll wait for 10c or 5c as well. This will take a long time to clear guys. Invest in other stuff while you wait.
  3. They are offered settlement and did not take it. This will take months if not years. Glad I sold my stash.
  4. I mean, LOL, the moon boys were crucifying me last week for stating the obvious. XRP is going to be stagnant for the next 12-24 months. I am going offline on this forum like 2018-2020. I suggest everyone do the same so their mind is at ease. Will be back once the case is over.
  5. Looks like 2021 wont pass like moonboys have predicted.
  6. Imho, we are looking at another 2-3 years consolidation before the case is resolved.
  7. Totally agree with you, this is my confirmation bias as well. That video is great by the way, explains the current situation clearly.
  8. That's definitely on me! I don't blame anyone else. I am just saying XRP was a bad investment for 3 years, 2018-2020.
  9. Maybe you are right, of course I am frustrated like everyone else. I should have sold and bought back! You are right about the second point as well. I just don't need the money right now.
  10. I don't do trading, I already make enough on my companies. I am not bragging, I am making a comparison. Why do you guys think everyone is trading? I never sold any of my investments.
  11. Thank you, yes, hopefully it will, but I am not keeping my hopes up. 2018-2019, I had hopes because utility was going up and I was checking https://utility-scan.com/ during 2020, hoping utility will increase the price. This did not last long. My next hope lies in "regulatory clarity" in United States, but that does seem far away. Trump administration won't do anything and Biden will have his hands full with Middle East.
  12. Are you are retard? If you bought in 2017 and still holding it 2021, you pass through those years?
  13. I totally think $XRP is superior to bitcoin. I was not happy with it as an investment and still not. $XRP was $0.24 on march 5th, 2020. Why would I be happy? You guys think that I am a XRP naysayer, but I am not. You guys are idiot moonboys. You just don't get that XRP, AS AN INVESTMENT, sucked in 2018, 2019, 2020. This is a fact.
  14. Lol, you guys dont see the fact that we are in the same boat. If it moons, I get rich as well. Heck, I probably have more XRPs than most of you. And If you are happy with your XRP gains, good for you. I am not happy with my XRP gains. You are forgetting that XRP was $0.25 for 3 years. there is something called opportunity cost.
  15. LOL, hope you are right! as far as I can see, all other coins are outperforming XRP right now. XRP was the worst performer of 2018,2019 and 2020. If XRP outperforms other cryptos, I promise you, I’ll be selling all my XRPs and deleting my account here. XRP 5 dollars at the end of 2021? Dont make me laugh.
  16. This is exactly what I am saying. $XRP was a bad investment in relation to many others. XRP is my only crypto investment and honestly, I wish I had invested it in other cryptos. That's why XRP will always have a higher selling pressure.
  17. Learn to read first. I have $100k on $XRP now right, so about $50k profits since 2017, which is nothing. I bought about $15k NIO (chinese car company) on June 2020, and I have more than $50k+ profit. Edited: added $ sign for USD.
  18. LOL, dude, if XRP was $5 and if I had sold it prior, you would be right, but that's not the case. My average price is $0.25 and never even sold one, so stop it about "condradicting" and "selling low". I have about $100k invested in $XRP and I just keep it IF it ever moons, but deep down I know it is not going to. I keep it just to be able to say "I told you so" to my close friends. That's all. If it happens in 10 years, I am fine with it. However, investing wise, just admit it, XRP sucks. Even chainlink is $14 man, just consider it, $XRP = $LINK on January 2019. Now $LINK is $14, living their moon dream. Will $XRP ever reach $14?, lol I would be happy with $4. If you don't see this, you are a blind moon boy.
  19. Lol really, I am holding since 2017, so no I don't buy high sell low. It is so obvious that XRP is a failed investment in the short term and the long term. Every week, people like you come here selling "hopium" to new users, but as you can see, that break is not coming. Check out this guy on Youtube, EVERY DAY $XRP is finally jumping https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCia6oYbLKo8fLOguATpACmA/videos Edit: I have been investing in TSLA, AMD, etc since last year. Look at how that turned out
  20. LOL, shut up with patterns and triangles already. Just last week, everyone was saying XRP moving with BTC, well, BTC has already increased and passed ATH by 10%. XRP, nothing.
  21. The reality is BTC is at its ATH, and XRP is not. I 'll be slowly cashing out if it ever reaches $1, imagine how many people are feeling that way. With so many coins and holders, it will never reach its ATH because of the selling pressure.
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