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  1. I have not claimed them yet, do I have to? Edit: Used Exodus to register my address.
  2. This is the only statistic keeping me from selling all my zerps. The number is 8743 for 200000 xrps today. I guess many people are accumulating XRP now.
  3. That's another pill of hopium, it's been 3 years and counting.
  4. The only positive indicator I see, as an investor is that, I regularly check my standing on https://ledger.exposed/rich-index My standing ( top 0.5% - 1% ) is constantly dropping.
  5. $XRP will probably never moon. I think the adoption will never change. I think it is better that everybody accepts this sooner rather than later, like me. Hopium is a bad drug.
  6. $18 now. It is just crazy that I sold my ADA for XRP because I believed in it so much. This is a learning experience for me, it allowed me to make better decisions in Stock Market. However, I would have over $2m, if had held $link instead of $xrp, so it 's a bitter lesson.
  7. $16 now guys. If this was $XRP price, I would have retired
  8. Nope, for years, it 's been "keep dreaming" for us, XRP hodlers
  9. Chainlink is doing what we have been waiting for :( who made this switch?
  10. If you ask me, Ripple should be getting partners like Transferwise and Square.
  11. Thanks for the clarification. I remember people saying Corda Settler will be using XRP and all transfers on Coda will use the Settler.
  12. Related to this news article (in Turkish) https://webrazzi.com/2020/06/03/is-bankasi-blockchain-teknolojisiyle-dis-ticarette-odeme-garantisi-sunuyor/ Türk İş bankası ( established in 1924 ) has made the first transfer with Commerzbank using the Marco Polo Platform, using Corda.
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