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  1. Condolences, man. I’ve done the same, tried to make up my losses, and lost even more. Think of it as a blessing though- you learned the volatility of the market with only 200 zerps. This experience will save you the 2000 zerps you wont be losing in a couple months because you’ve learned your lesson, not to mention the hours and hours of watching charts and stressing that comes with daytrading. Ive lost some, gained a bunch more, lost that, not heeded to the advice against daytrading thinking I could crack the code and win, and luckily am here on the other side a few months later with EXACTLY the amount I started with. I think about the insane amount of time I dedicated to daytrading in that time, and realize it’s just not worth it for me. So now I HODL. Ripple is gonna make big waves. Our kids won’t even think about money and how it is held or moved around in the same way we do. We’re lucky to be early adopters. Invest, enjoy your time away from the charts, and enjoy the life-changing gains when they come. And they will.
  2. Haha, yeah it’s most likely grasping at straws, and definitely more hopeful speculation than sound reasoning, but I sift through quite a few position listings within the tech sector and this was the first time I’ve seen Ripple mentioned by name by a major financial player like this. BTC and ETH are more commonly mentioned to gauge applicants’ familiarity with the crypto sphere. Just taking it as a good sign and continuing to HODL.
  3. I’m of the assumption that Visa is on board with Ripple already. Everyone’s just moving in the shadows until formal announcement time. Check out this job listing new on Glassdoor for a blockchain engineer at Visa. Specifically, the following text: “applications, has worked with the Ripple, R3, Ethereum and/or Bitcoin blockchain, and has experience with Solidity” https://www.glassdoor.com/Job/experience-blockchain-ledger-jobs-SRCH_KE0,28.htm?jl=2643749571
  4. Yeah they’re rolling out the 25 cent micropayment processing on their native platform as well as Venmo. Reading up on it I take It that Xoom is in bed with Earthport, and Earthport is in bed with Ripple. So it could be XRapid.. or could not. Guess nothing is official until it’s official.
  5. Amex has been in the works for AWHILE now right? ... think they’re about to launch XRapid mainstream to the public in the near future? Came across this job listing here in NYC. The following sentences get the wheels turning: ”Launch and manage the product upon release to Card Members and Merchants” & ”Previous blockchain, crypto asset, distributed ledger, or other related experience a must“ https://www.glassdoor.com/Job/experience-blockchain-ledger-jobs-SRCH_KE0,28.htm?jl=2644833040
  6. I’m thinking PayPal too. It just fits their business model perfectly. And definitely a household name worldwide as well.
  7. Just used Venmo for the first time in a couple weeks and this is new. They’re owned by PayPal. Anyone know of they’re linked up with any blockchain network, or can we start some good old fashioned speculation? Edit: so i tried it and it displayed a second countdown clock and my money was in my capital one account within 60 seconds. Used Venmo for over a year and it’s NEVER been this fast. Excited because it feels like finally, the future is here! And I can Actually move money instantly. And also because if this is XRP in action it kicks ***!
  8. I’m gonna put on the tin foil hat on this one too. News or PR push hopefully tomorrow, plus BTC futures expiring Friday leading to the end of the overall market being held down artificially.. could be an interesting weekend/new week.
  9. This member said they paid for the report and haven’t received an email or report yet, so im assuming the one circulating ain’t the real thing.
  10. In a couple months when noobs are lamenting they wish they could have bought in back in the good old days when XRP was under $2, those pennies won’t matter man. No point in regret. That’s a great price.
  11. Can’t people just blow up the news that this is JUST A COIN. A coin that stole the name USD, added a T for good posture, and welcomed the piggybacked credibility. I mean, if it spread on Twitter/fb/chatrooms to keep your distance from this scam and trade with ETH or BTC, and ONLY trade those for USD on a legit exchange or coinbase, couldn’t this whole tsunami be prevented? Seems like a long due awakening IMO and could get folks to back the F down from touching it.
  12. Feel the same way- it’s a gut feeling. Though I’m thinking Tuesday might bring some movement again as Monday is a major holiday here in the states.
  13. Exactly. They’re working in the short term because they believe in the long term. It’s always interesting to me to watch when they ease up though. News, bull runs, announcements... then rinse and repeat at the next price tier.
  14. Do you think that he really went in with a buy and hodl philosophy though? If I had 50M, a mission of producing high profit for investors quarterly, and the resources and know-how to hire a team of experienced traders, I know I would day trade a percentage- selling the “highs” buying back a few cents lower bit by bit, and slowly grow my holding at a steady rate regardless of market valuation. Every time (read: every single day) I see whales putting up multi-million dollar buy and sell walls to manipulate price, his name always comes to mind. I mean, why put a wall at $2 when your long term goal is for the price to move up? Oh, because we just sold a million zerps at 2.04 and to make our target profit in holdings we need to buy back a million at 1.99... I imagine his original investment is wayyy over what the 50M bought at the starting gate. I bet fluctuations are still insane with investments that large, but they’re probably holding way over their initial investment at this point. Guessing so, anyway.
  15. Let’s just say, hypothetically, that the whales/hedge funds/big players behind the scenes foresaw the opening of the Japanese markets happening today as a huge opportunity, and the recent manipulation is real. They drive the price down, the market freaks out and dumps their holdings, the whales buy it up and accumulate a huge % more, and then bam. A run up. They’re sitting with profit in the millions. Weak hands are out. The money makes money. The lack of regulation can be scary only if you sell. Otherwise it creates opportunities for huge profit beyond any other markets. Yeah it’s unethical, but it’s never been a fair playing field as far as world wealth is concerned. On the other hand we might skyrocket down below a buck. But the manipulation doesn’t always have to be read as a bad thing. I think a better way to look at is, why are the big hands so eager to buy up more? TLDR: hodl
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