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  1. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/10/south-korea-official-reportedly-readying-bill-to-ban-all-cryptocurrency-trading.html
  2. Agree!! They won't lock up but they can surely take all the money and say we had already warned you Still, I am hoping for the best. I hope they put tax but a thought of total ban is kinda scary. And yeah! It wasn't just Maharashtra and everyone knows govt always has good intentions
  3. Totally agree!! I am going to set a new wallet today. Thanks
  4. Okay. So reading this was a relief. Still, present govt is here is very regressive, conservative and stupid. They already have a history of banning a lot of things (including beef and our own currency) and have a negative perspective about crypto in general. A lot of people in parliament has claimed that these cryptos are ponzi schemes. Let's just say they are banning it, is there any way I can encash it at later stage? Hope my concern is real and I am not being too paranoid.
  5. Guys! Any suggestions what should I do with my zerps in this situation?
  6. But, here in India, finance minister just said all cryptocurrencies are illegal tender. All Indian exchanges have stopped deposit/withdrawal of INR. I am not sure what to do with my xrps (I do not want to sell and withdraw at this point of time) as this govt is evil and has full potential of imposing a complete ban. He said, they will take a week or two to decide what to do with crypto but I am not getting a very good feeling about this.
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