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  1. If you flip your profile picture up side down then you might see it better. Another fudder on my block list. Man the list keeps growing and growing...
  2. You, cheerleader wanna be, take your boyfriend and get out here as well. I've had enough with you BS Fudders...
  3. BabyNeedsShoes


    Yeah the same kid also opened “something about to pop” post. Was referring to zits on his face
  4. BabyNeedsShoes


    You got a lot to learn from life kiddo...
  5. Regardless of the price, every chance I get, I keep accumulating more and more. Sky is the limit...
  6. They can kiss the bottom of my shoes. I sent the captain to the bottom of the sea the other day to meet with SpongeBob. As long as there is an ignore or block option on this site, I will not hesitate to block these so called fudders (really like to call them something else). There is only one way and that’s to HODL for few years.
  7. Nicely done, however you are going to wake up marbles and septic so heads up.
  8. Better than cleaning horse **** on beach on a pretend vacation septic
  9. @Sceptic You are full of s..t. Go back to septic tank cleaning. When we are sitting at or above $589, mark this post to remind me to carry conversation with you again.
  10. Ignored on my list as well, anytime I see comments from him , his nick name rhymes with "imbecile" for some reason.
  11. My pair of shoes: End of March: $0.98 End of June: $1.49 End of Sept: $2.53 End of Dec: $6.83
  12. Totally agreed, Brad will NOT get in there to damage Ripple's reputation. Time to get more shoe shines before tomorrow and HODLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL...
  13. Minimum 3 years HODL here, if still sitting at $1 after 3 years, then I will wait for 2 more years... In the meantime I'll keep buying more under $1 every chance I get.
  14. I am supposed to listen to his advice???? I would not even let this punk shine my shoes...
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