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  1. https://news.livecoinwatch.com/samsung-makes-cryptopayments-possible/
  2. Welcome back Septic, no vacation pictures this time? Looks like the horses finally kicked you to right direction. Good choice.
  3. On his last article he clearly mentioned June 19th right after the event
  4. And that’s why you are not BG. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors. This could well be part his game plan.
  5. What is the purpose of this topic? Someone joins few days ago and asks a very personal question and we all spill our guts out.
  6. Turkish bank Akbank is already on the partnership list. Maybe them???
  7. Not only a fanatic but I am f...ing hooligan. Unlike some those here with eyes rolled up their a$$ and bad mouthing every chance they get, I will be hodling for a long time.
  8. $hit no. Ask me the same question in 3 years.
  9. How can he move with those eyes stuck up his a$$ ??? Just ignore him
  10. Or even a savings account. You are guaranteed 1.5% yearly
  11. Not Jasil but also known as imbecile or the one who has eyes roled up his as*s. Just ignore him.
  12. Found this link to educate those FUDDERS. https://fudbingo.com/
  13. You’ve been added to shi.t list. No xmas card for you this year. Get the fud out of here ?
  14. I am much happier every since I blocked those so called fudders (especially the one with the eyes rolled up his a..
  15. Consensus 2018 is over. The whole board is turning green. Let the games begin. The next two months should be very interesting if the consensus history repeats itself. HODLLLLLLLLLLLL....
  16. You mean the “imbecile”, the one with the eyes stuck up his a.. ??? He’s been on my black list as well. No xmas card for him this year.
  17. Unless they attack me personally. Who the fud is he telling me to “grow up”???
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