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  1. Oh no Asia just woke up. Watch out ether here comes new #2
  2. https://news.livecoinwatch.com/ripple-money-tap-app/ “Now MoneyTap has come into play, there is a real possibility that XRP could be introduced as a mainstream currency in Japan. As a result, other countries dealing with Japanese companies and consumers will almost certainly turn to XRP. Could this mean that Ripple’s desire to conquer cross-border payments could be much closer than we all anticipated?”
  3. Only hate the redundant ones. Besides we all know it’ll be $589 so why bother. Sit back and enjoy the ride.
  4. Just what we needed another survey. This place started to turn into “Family Feud”
  5. Yeap very same septic put here bunch of vacation pictures cleaning horse $hit on the beach. One can only assume he was on vacation again doing the same.
  6. No, Jasil the imbecile’s avatar had upside down eyes stuck up his arsh
  7. Have you tried to get in touch with Dr. Phil?? He might be able to help you with your issues.
  8. And on our behalf may I present this poster to our beloved bla bla fudder @Blubber
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