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  1. One by one, the big boys are entering the space. Let the games begin... https://news.livecoinwatch.com/breaking-fidelity-opens-crypto-focused-subsidiary-offer-custody/ “Despite the suppressed crypto market, Wall Street firms are still showing an unprecedented level of interest in this nascent industry. Most recently, Fidelity Investments, one of the foremost financial institutions on planet Earth, has revealed plans to foray into the cryptosphere.”
  2. True however look at this year’s theme “Enabling the digital economy”. What were the main themes in past years?
  3. https://globalcoinreport.com/ripple-xrp-swift-sibos-2018-exhibition/ https://www.sibos.com/exhibition/about-exhibition/exhibitors/ripple
  4. Don’t worry about this, go buy some doge
  5. If you had said you were at moon cuddling your zerps with limited internet connection I’d understand. But no internet at all for the last three months in China hmmmmmmmm!!!!
  6. Indeed. You re smelling the wrong bone at the moment. Think about getting into $5.1 Tril Forex trading in the future. These are just a beginning phases. Think about the future bones not today
  7. That's not an answer to the question. And xrp is not being used as an underlying asset for those Forex transactions. Only for withdrawal and deposit AFAIK. So not relevant. Then do your own fudding research. Does my comment mention anything about xrp or particular exchange? The bone is out there go get it.
  8. Forex Markets $5.1 Trillions/Day Let the games begin.
  9. Not tonight I have a headache. Where is that ignore button again???
  10. Old news. Trial with few small amounts etc. etc. etc. In few years they will be begging Ripple to let them in.
  11. RIP @ripplewaytogo started the game but never had a chance to see the ending all because of her generous hubby.
  12. DO NOT believe everything you read here. Especially from this bla bla fudder @Blubber
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