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  1. Has anyone seen our regular Fudder Gang here lately? I haven’t. I wonder if they went to visit Captain Marble to get some advice. PS - Sure has been nice though, a time off from them.
  2. Good old Captain Marbles RIP, how can we forget him?? Last time was seen visiting his new friends.
  3. If Coinbase is preparing IPO and planning on going public, then they don’t have the luxury of loving or hating certain coins.
  4. Not presume but an educated guess since most of the big boys are lining up to enter the game.
  5. Ripple’s Ryan Gaylor is on SWIFT Chicago Panel with J.P Morgan and SWIFT on November 6th. Aren’t there some rumors about the importance of November 5th - 8th??? Hmmmm Interesting... https://www.swift.com/news-events/events/community-events/swift-afp-chicago-2018 “AFP Panel 2: Taking Advantage of New Technologies in Payments Strategy When: Tuesday, November 6th | 10:30 to 11:45 AM Where: Payments Room W185ABCD The changing payments landscape has given rise to phrases like real-time payments, distributed ledgers, and blockchain, bringing expectations of red
  6. Please try to understand the magnitude of the concept first before getting a boo-boo face.
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