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  1. Let the games begin. Fasten your seat belts.
  2. Dumping was all part of the plan in order to bring BCHSV up. Now it is almost same as BCH, pumping can start any day now IMHO.
  3. BabyNeedsShoes

    is $0.35 the new $0.25?

    Bla bla blaaaa...
  4. As good as your ridiculous guess. So zip it. Don’t comment back or you will get the xrp horns
  5. Do we ask you where your .50 come from?? Or do you have a proof?? This is a guessing game so don’t judge other predictions. Zip it and play the game.
  6. I see the topic turned into Fudders heaven. Let me be the odd one in here. Starting this Friday with $0.60 and 100% weekly increase for the next 5 weeks $20 eoy.
  7. BabyNeedsShoes

    Is crypto dead?

    Just playing possum.
  8. BabyNeedsShoes

    Price spike cause?

    High blood pressure
  9. Don’t judge a book by its cover.
  10. Has anyone seen our regular Fudder Gang here lately? I haven’t. I wonder if they went to visit Captain Marble to get some advice. PS - Sure has been nice though, a time off from them.
  11. Millions is a pocket change. Let’s talk about billions.
  12. BabyNeedsShoes

    The Numbers - Make this Easy

    And who is on third base again???
  13. BabyNeedsShoes

    This is what happens by EOY...

    Good old Captain Marbles RIP, how can we forget him?? Last time was seen visiting his new friends.