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  1. And also "locked escrow accounts" they have legal binding that obligates them to put back whats left of them
  2. ever since xrp hit lower than a dollar price, ive been buying a few hundred here and there when I can afford it. I usually do it by saving cash here and there, no trip to my favorite fried chicken parlor, dont buy that sales from steam, dont order just eat something at home, etc etc
  3. hes obviously not he did an ama like a week ago for pete sake such ignorance and fud should not be allowed, im not thrashing u btw im thrashing MaxEntropy
  4. first the next six month speculation has no base second R3 is the one who did not fulfill the agreed contract third, where is your source on Joel Katz leaving?
  5. Im not sure if I understood the question correctly but if I understood correctly, yes in all situations
  6. Trading in Korea. After you transfer money to your dedicated bank account you get the exchange's cyber money in less than one minute. After that you can purchase any coin instantly, unless theres a lag due to extremely high volume of trading.
  7. you are right, the market wont suddenly fly! just hope that this will change the atmosphere of the korean crypto market. I also live in kor currently, hello
  8. again dude they just announced, the exchanges are not going to suddenly have the system allow new users to be accepted, its going to take sometime. Also btw you need a korean cell and a korean bank account
  9. will start to yo not at exact moment lol they are not going to announce and then suddenly entire exchange change their system, also if you are a foreigner you still cant trade in Korea
  10. currently at work lol, ill translate it when I have some time between bathroom breaks, wait for a notification
  11. Korean financial department finally announced that they will slowly begin to support crypto trading http://mn.kbs.co.kr/mobile/news/view.do?ref=A&ncd=3608150 you can google translate it if you would like, the jist of it is a statement announced by the dude who runs the department representing the financial direction of the country
  12. yeah the jist is basically the guy who runs the financial department (something like this) annonced that they will from now on support the trading of cryptos as long as its regulated properly which in my opinion is no problem at all here is a link if u guys wanna google translate it or something http://mn.kbs.co.kr/mobile/news/view.do?ref=A&ncd=3608150
  13. btw guys i was too lazy to create another topic and didnt knw where to post this but, currently the Korea government officially released (again jesus) that they will not be intervening with regulations again, but will now lift all bans on creating new accounts for crypto trading ( the no foreigner and underage rule still is in affect) if you check you can tell that the korean market is on the rise
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