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  1. Thank you for the info, really appreciated! I am curious as to what you think about WHY so many large banks are still interested in R3, even though it is in very early development phase. thank you!
  2. These articles discuss a blockchain technology being developed by 70 of the world's largest banks. It does NOT use a crytocurrency coin. What does this mean for Ripple? I am a hodler of RIpple. https://uk.reuters.com/article/us-banks-blockchain-r3-exclusive/exclusive-blockchain-platform-developed-by-banks-to-be-open-source-idUKKCN12K17E https://www.r3.com/ https://hackernoon.com/4-alarming-reasons-ripple-might-not-be-what-you-think-9debc3c86985
  3. very disconcerting article... anyone care to comment on its contents? https://hackernoon.com/4-alarming-reasons-ripple-might-not-be-what-you-think-9debc3c86985
  4. very disconcerting article....any thoughts?? https://hackernoon.com/4-alarming-reasons-ripple-might-not-be-what-you-think-9debc3c86985
  5. tried all 3 browsers, no anti virus, no ad blocking, all cookies cleared. sign in page does not appear when entering gatehub.net. same issue on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. NO help from gatehub support. Using the latests MAC OS. help!
  6. I cleared all cookies, and have no ad blocking on the site. It still will not open the sign in page. It sometimes will not even load the main gatehub page!
  7. I have tried to sign into gatehub.net using 3 different browsers on my Mac- all three browsers do not take me to the log in page ( tried Chrome, Safari, and Firefox) Please do NOT tell me to use a windows computer. Gatehub tech support is non-existent.
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