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  1. Everyone needs to chill out and be patient. We are a long way from the bottom. When it reaches .02 then it's time to panic!
  2. Prices will never be this low again! Except maybe tomorrow, they may be lower! Lol . The damn Lambo dealer keeps calling they want their money. When should I tell them I'll have it?
  3. Imho I think we are turning the corner. When we reach $1.00 I don't think we will ever be under a buck again.
  4. The price is what it is because that's what the price is!
  5. I couldn't agree more! Most people investing in crypto with fun money. First thing to go when real money, the stock market takes a dive. This could be the beginning of the end for a while!
  6. Yes this 589 crap has got to stop. The way we are going it's looking like .0589.
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