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  1. I switched to Toast Wallet...no problems...thank you...
  2. So I've been hiding under a rock lately and just noticed the whole Rippex thing. I understand my secret key is my wallet. Has anyone used it on toast wallet? I just want to make sure I can access it. Any help would be appreciated. So I don't need to withdraw my balance? How do I put my secret key in toast wallet? Thanks.
  3. This video is so heavily edited...he must have messed up what he wanted to say hundreds of times...
  4. Have to take a break from social media...all the anti-Ripple idiots have come out to play. You post one little positive thing and they pounce. Can't wait to prove them all wrong.
  5. I wonder if this means we're headed below a dollar again short term, great opp to buy. I did find it weird though that we haven't gotten a little bump from all the good news. It just goes to show you how different this is compared to stocks. It's unfortunate the whales can really F things up.
  6. So I was reading about Robinhood, it looks like only a limited number of states will be able to buy crypto on Robinhood for the time being when they launch in February...wonder if there's a way around that. I have Robinhood and my state is not on the list.
  7. I can't understand why more sites don't use Litecoin. It's the only coin I use now to buy other altcoins. It's fast and super cheap.
  8. Whats key here is to use the Google Authenticator. That thing can really save your butt!!!
  9. Actually there is....Litecoin only costs a couple of pennies to move several hundred dollars...but I see what you've done there...
  10. Nobody knows how far the dip will go. If you buy the dip, buy at the price that you think is a good deal. We were at over $3 at one point. In the longrun that should prove to be still a heck of a deal. If it's dropping, maybe $2 seems like a good deal. I'm sure a lot of people got in at $1.50 when it fell to $.80 and thought that was a great deal. When you feel like "hey this is a good price" then you pull the trigger. I did when it hit $1.19. Was this the best deal? No, it went to $.80 before bouncing back...however it's $1.50 today I could sell, but I'm HODL long term. Just my 2 ce
  11. I stopped with ETH all together. I buy LTC on coinbase and send to Binance. It's fast and it's literally like 10-15 cents for $200 transfer. And vice versa...cash out on Binance with LTC and send back to Coinbase. Again, fast and cheap.
  12. What this guy said. I sold a small amount of Tron and was scammed twice. Hackers are getting ahold of people's Ebay accounts. Luckily I only lost 100 Tron which has a value of $8. Both people I sold to reported fraud and I had to refund.
  13. No...I'm straight. I'm HODL. Ive been investing in stocks for a long time. And I've invested a safe amount of money in crypto that if I lose it all it will suck but its not going to make a difference...say 5 bad trips to the casino. My point was how it seems this board is falling apart and I at least came here for support on my investment...
  14. See...a day ago I would believe this...but when the FUD has now spread to this forum...I don't know what to believe. I am long and HODLing that's all I know. I'm in at .98-1.95 if that makes any difference. But that .98 was in Dec 17.
  15. Sorry I snapped...I made the post to just see how everyone feels about the extreme negativity and it just seems some people who were propping XRP up and now backing out of the room.
  16. And you sound like the a-hole that beats the ex-girlfriend and begs her to stay. F- off.
  17. Thats what I'm trying to figure out. I came here to make myself feel good about investing in XRP. The negativity is everywhere now. XRP is being attacked from all sides including it's own forum.
  18. So that's it? It's over? Wow. Latest posts have me thinking this place was a propaganda scam just like the rest of the internet? XRP never had a chance did it. According to research done on this board higher ups are dumping out. I have no choice but to HODL...and I'm not giving up. I bought more...hoping for a dead cat bounce, because that's what crypto does...right? Rises and falls for no reason? Maybe FUDsters are right. The whole crypto thing is a bubble...XRP is a bubble. How could I have been so stupid. People on here talking about $10 $100 $1000. Oh it'll be $5 by end of Jan
  19. Meaning there is still plenty of room to fall further...just FYI.
  20. As someone who has studied markets for a long time I believe 2018 will go something like this...from where we are as I'm writing this ($1.80ish USD) Bump up to low $2's, back down to $1.50-$1.60...back up to $2.50-$3...Down to $1.85-$1.90 up to $3.50-$10...Back down to $2.50-$4...Then end of year push to around $4.50 to $5...which from where we sit now is still a hell of a return for the year. I know nothing. Just basing my opinion on someone who has studied markets. We'll see if I'm right.
  21. Just my two cents....I buy Litecoin on Coinbase, immediately send it to Binance, convert to BTC and buy XRP, then send it to my Rippex wallet. I used to buy BTC or ETH and send it to Binance, but found that Litecoin fees are lower and it gets there much faster. I've tested cashing out several times and have had no problems. It's so weird how fast XRP gets to the exchange...lol. Shameless plug... COINBASE SIGN UP: https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a41b5b5b7f0430732c2673c BINANCE SIGN UP: https://www.binance.com/?ref=16579266
  22. Here in the States...this is pretty common in professional football. If your team starts losing there is a pack mentality among fans that "WE SUCK" and "FIRE THE COACH", heck, the Cleveland Browns went 0-16 and the fans threw a "WE SUCK" parade!!! I think when people believe in something and it isn't winning, the immediate reaction is to get ****** off. Now with that said, investing is different...you need to be patient.
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