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  1. so means they will stop xrp
  2. i dont want xrp to jump but just stay at 13b is great and see all other coins ethereum and other digital assets
  3. livestraem freee
  4. when does the livestream starts
  5. Trade and not exchange!!
  6. did you click on that reset email you received by email
  7. cashing out with debit cards is going to be a big hit really. your private key on it + a PIN ... Would be so nice...
  8. ripple announced in 2014 a debit card snapswap look here
  9. sorry for asking but i was wondering with all that hassle sending to a bank... .. cant we have few ATMS in london.. where we can withdraw in ssec without all that hassle can this be implemented in future os is that impossible
  10. well then what shall they do hire new employees!! how many have they employed 3-4/? all i se is from uklas enej gregor ?? expand?? not solving it now it will get worse next month when price reaches ,7 more investors more people joining
  11. i still havent got my payment done SEPA 5 days ago!! contacted with enej nothing gatehub mm