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  1. contacted ViaBTC earlier this morning and confirm china will ban exchanges in months time
  2. https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/russia-makes-its-first-arrests-for-illegal-bitcoin-trading/
  3. if you on crypto at that age, i give 100% point guy will have a bright future, not just crypto but in his own life, cuz young people at his age start working, for 10$ 1h even less
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    Hi. I'm a newbie.

    welcome abroad my fella
  5. lol gatehub is not a rich company , do not compare it with big exchanges, gatehub is still new and lots of competetion
  6. kiwissz

    Gatehub question

    they stopped doing it
  7. kiwissz

    Is this coldwallet safe?

    why dont you use hardware such ledger nano s, or ripplex or have them on bitstamp more protected if you are eu its even better
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  9. for me xrp xrp xrp cheap and cross borders something huge EOS ,,, qtum blaBLA let me ask you what is EOS? what does it do
  10. i dont know what do say, eos is just a scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why would you go for something cost 2 dollars not go xrp??????? want to make money well go for bitcoin btc neoshares EOS wont take you anywhere, look at volume but good luck if thats what you think
  11. kiwissz

    Storing XRP on Trezor

    how much does it cost to push onto an ecahnge. lest say 100k xrp