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  1. We also got stellar in youanvao not good, wonder if we should question this ripple employers shouldn't follow stellar
  2. They should be against stellar as both has same road and a competition between don't we need to question why Evan Ryan follows stellar
  3. Lol in the UK we can send payment to any bank free instant less than 30 sec. Us will launch it next year lo. Zelle u can send to any us bank and not international. Companies choosing ripple because its a network that works to a short destination and worldwide. Zele meant to be only for us bank
  4. Not more than that I just transferred 200euro to my UK bank and forge in rate was **** ripped me of £13 just 200euro what if I transfer 1-5k
  5. So bank decides, but for sure they would charge 2-3 dollars
  6. thats for sure, my pleasure i find XRP in best position,
  7. when someone joins a bank that implemented cross borders by ripple what is the cost. if someone send a payment eu to your AED bank will there be a fee or its completely free? you get at forgein exchange in XE
  8. I will go there and open an account and do a transfer gatehub to NBade and see how smooth it iwill ask them as many questions I have. Will sharemy experience I just though someone would know.
  9. anyone with NBAD bank in whats your though anyone used it recently with currencies receiving large payments is there a fee are they going to give at forgein exchange or i will get exactly the amount that shows on XE website
  10. does it mean they will issue a token just like bitfinex did coinpayment had a bug
  11. still sending money to BABB you have to pay taxx so when are they going to launch when can we open a bank account
  12. 3
  13. Brad Garlinghouse, still works at ripple!! i thought i resigned and gave to larsen