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  1. At what price will you begin selling your XRP? And what price will you be willing to sell it all (if at any price?) For me I'm personally HODL'ing until it hits about $30 per XRP (I expect sometime around 2020) at which time I might sell 20-25% of my stack. Next price would be $100, then probaly $250. I'll keep a little just in case for the next decade to see how high the price can go too
  2. IF you have money to invest in XRP, then it should be invested. The 10 cent per XRP difference won't be a huge drawback with respect to your returns, unless you're making a major investment (10k XRP or more) It's unlikely (though possible) that XRP will ever be significantly lower than it is now
  3. Agreed. I highly doubt the majority of American (and worldwide) population will ever buy into crypto.
  4. There are quite a few people (at least in the hundreds) who held or bought a significant amount of XRP when it was less than 1 cent who would have become millionaires in the deal. If XRP goes past it's ATH (it will) then thousands more will become millionaires
  5. Despite the fact that stocks and bonds are a great way to see a dependable return on investment, there are still many, many, many people who have not invested. I think that even as crypto goes more main stream, it will still be something that the vast majority of Americans (and worldwide population) do not invest in at least for the next 20-30 years
  6. You seem to be arguing something I never said or purported to say. Never said that Ripple/XRP isn't gaining traction and that more banks are signing on. If you're going to argue with me, please stick to what I said, rather than reimagining to something that I never said or even implied. If it's so emphasized, why don't you say exactly what negativity I've mentioned?
  7. So far, has the increasing utility had a major impact on price? Do you have any CONCRETE evidence that the increasing utility over the last 6 months of XRP has had an impact on price? Have the significant increases in price had anything to do with utility, or have they all linked to Bitcoin's rise and fall? You ask me about data - do you have any to back up your point? Never said that. Please go back and re-read my post. Has this had a major impact on price over the last several months?
  8. As someone outside of the "bigger countries" it has been ridiculously difficult to purchase XRP, and crypto in general. I have had to resort to paying DOUBLE on a site to purchase. I now go through a friend who buys and then transfers. While is may be relatively easy for those based in North America/Europe/certain Asian countries, there's still 75% of the population who lives outside of that where buying crypto is next to impossible
  9. My thread isn't negative though. It's simply saying that despite the amazing utility of XRP, that will not be the driving force of price in the short to medium term.
  10. Agree 100% Unfortunately I don't know if the market will be any less volatile in the next 3 years either, even with Ripple's ability to totally change the financial system.
  11. At the end of 2021 I'm anticipating XRP's price to be somewhere between $15 - $50, with some room above and below that.
  12. The money doesn't have to come from anywhere. A coin's marketcap and the actual money that has been invested are two different things. Apple may be "worth" a trillion dollars, but it doesn't mean that people have invested that trillion dollars. It's simply a valuation - one that is tethered on a number of different factors, including speculation.
  13. THANK YOU. Happy to discuss, and listen to ALL persons who disagree with me just like those who agree with me. I don't appreciate juvenile comments, or persons who are saying I'm trying to spread FUD simply because you disagree. I'll repeat (for the final time) - I love the technology Ripple is bringing out, I think that XRP is a great short to medium term investment, I just am not sure that the innovation will translate to a significant impact on the price of XRP.
  14. It seems you're enjoying being juvenile and ignorant. No need to insult me because you disagree. I'm more than happy to argue my points and hear others disagreeing.
  15. The majority of what you're pointing out use minute quantities of the substance. I'm well aware that they are used in many electronics (again, in minute quantities). Perhaps I should have worded it differently
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