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  1. I just updated my Nano s to 1.4.1 after reading this and it was really easy. 10 minutes, tops. https://support.ledgerwallet.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001340473-How-to-update-my-Ledger-Nano-S-with-the-firmware-1-4
  2. So we've established that it's Coincheck. Cool. Now what does it mean? Is this is a good thing for us XRP investors? If yes / no, then how? I have such a raging clue right now.
  3. Seems like a speculative, anti-ripple FUD article to me. Would love to see a comparison of ripple partnerships/clients vs. stellar's
  4. Capitalists love their money. So when people are tripling their money over night, others notice and want in. I believe that those "good ole days" of crypto is where most of the exposure came from. I know thats how I started paying attention. It's a whole new bearish game now though. If there are any time travelers reading this... When moon again?
  5. I want in. I'm a designer. give me some scope and I'll create an icon
  6. Find someone who can access the secondary market and invest in Ripple!
  7. If this is legit, it's great news. This quote is the exact reaction we expect and have bet our money on. If 2018 and on is filled with testimonials like this and we'll kick this marathon's a$$
  8. If you use bittrex they charge you 1 xrp fpr each transfer. Definitely move your xrp to an exchange if you're going to update or test a lock-out on your nano. small price to pay to be sure
  9. Same. Had to reassure her a few times that it's XRP research and not an affair. Although Ripple has kinda been my side chick for the last 3 months.
  10. Same here. I went to see the latest starwars movie the night we ran up to 1.92 and I couldn't sit still or focus on the movie. I had my phone screen dimmed as much as possible on my lap the whole time and girlfriend didn't talk to me for the rest of the night. haha
  11. the next 26 or so days were the coolest 26 or so consecutive days of my life.. The next 26 not so much lol
  12. @HodlOnASec, I'm 40% sure What I'm trying to say is... Does it help the perception of xrp/ripple during early adoption to be valued relatively close to major current fiat value USD, EURO etc.
  13. Is it at all possible that ripple wants the price of each XRP to stay close in value to 1 US dollar right now while xRapid is still in the early adoption phase? I wonder if there is strategy in keeping XRP price relatively low and controlled while they're in the early selling phase. (*Crazy thought with no factual basis)
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